15 male cat names that start with the letter T

Here we go, your feline adventure is about to begin, you’ve decided to adopt a cat this year! But when choosing a name for your little boy, you get stuck…don’t panic, here are some ideas!

Why should the first names of our animals start with a certain letter?

Since 1885, it has become A book of French origins, or LOFLists the births of purebred dogs and cats. As you can imagine, since 1885 the letters of the alphabet have already passed many times, with the exception of some cases that are considered very complex, such as Q, in particular. This commitment makes it possible to quickly identify How old is your cat? During competitions, or simply while visiting the vet in case you forget Your cat’s health record.

And if T doesn’t inspire you more, know that this commitment is only about purebred cats, the official registration of the first name in the registry. If you prefer to adopt a cat and the latter is not registered with the LOF, or if your cat is not very lively, you can give him the first name that begins with the letter of your choice.

In addition, for purebred cats, your animal may have two first names, one responsible and the other informal. Thus, your official Tigger can transform into Kitty in everyday life if you feel like it. As long as the first name is recorded in a T on your animal’s papers, that’s all that really matters.

Another tip in case you’re short of inspiration: You can also choose a first name that begins with a completely different letter, and add a downstream T on your cat’s papers. Fast and efficient!

Names for male cats in T.

Historical first names

Old first names will always make those around you smile, and allow you to start more serious conversations about their origin. Small collection of historical male names.

  • tancred
  • Thales
  • Theseus
  • Tiberius
  • likely
  • Titus

The first names of the stars

You’re a fan of a public figure, and that person’s first name begins with the letter T? You can definitely choose this for your cat!

  • tupac
  • Tom about Tom Cruise or Tom Holland
  • Tony, cast Tony Parker
  • Tim, about Tim Burton

Weird first names

Want to stand out from the crowd, find the original first name for your cat? Say no more, here’s our pick!

  • Tartiflet
  • Tetris
  • Tabasco
  • Troubadour (especially if he meows all the time)
  • meeting tent

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