A dog that nobody wanted was rescued and risked euthanasia by an association

Classified as “undesirable,” a female German Shepherd is on the list of dogs to be euthanized. In question, his disagreement with his peers in particular. An association intervened to give him a second chance.

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Based in Northern Ireland, it is the Animal Protection Association Rescue Friends She saved the life of a dog destined for euthanasia and thus gave it a fresh start Belfast Live Monday August 8.

Abby, an 8-year-old German Shepherd, was rated “unwelcome” at the pound where she was. It landed there because its previous owner, seriously ill, could no longer keep it.

She does not get along with other dogs or cats. As a result, it was decided to put her on the list of animals to be euthanized. Luckily, Rescue Friends I intervened in time to save him from his sad fate.

Article illustration: A dog that nobody wanted was rescued and risked euthanasia by an association
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« We couldn’t understand how “unpopular” Abby was, as her notes stated. We decided she deserved another chance. We pulled her off the pound and put her in foster care to see exactly how she behaves. It was perfect ‘, which – which Daniel Magee From Rescue Friends.

Ready to go home forever

The latter shows that the dog simply suffers from a lack of socialization, and hence her attitude towards her canine fellows. ” Many dogs can be like this. And she doesn’t like catsshe completes. It’s not weird either, but it shouldn’t be a death sentence. ».

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Therefore, the association seeks My Father A family with no other pets or young children, and ideally with experience with German Shepherds. Daniel Magee And the rest of the team is convinced that the dog will bring him a lot of happiness. After seeing her at work for two months, they realize that she loves humans and is ready to join her future home.

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