A German Shepherd evacuee is saved from a fire due to cardiac arrest thanks to a muzzle carried out by a firefighter (video)

The firefighters did an act of double bravery by saving the family from the flames, as well as the two dogs. One of them had inhaled a lot of smoke and was in cardiac arrest. Thanks to the savior’s dedication, he came.

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Firefighters were called one day around noon to start a fire in a residential street Henrietta in the city of San Antonio or Chile. When they arrived, the entire house was on fire. So the fire brigade intervened as quickly as possible to evacuate the family members.

Christian Espinosaan experienced fire soldier from Rescue Brigade and Community Assistance (Brak), was part of the intervention. While the whole family was outside safe, the pets were still inside.

Christian So I went in and found that 2 German Shepherds, Apollo and others PrincesaThey were lying on the ground trapped in a thick cloud of smoke.

Article illustration: German Shepherd evacuee rescued from fire due to cardiac arrest thanks to firefighter's mouth-to-muzzle muzzle (video)
I’m San Antonio / video shot

worrying situation

One of them was in cardiac arrest and had a weak pulse. “One of the dogs almost died and that is why we gave him a break. I will do the same again, because we are ready for it”announced Christian to me cute animals.

In fact, the firefighter performed a mouth-to-nose resuscitation of the brave dog in pain. Thus, the air was blown into the dog’s lungs until it regained its senses. The dog was then connected to self-contained respirators for continued care.

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Thanks to this heroic act, the German Shepherd survived. Residents of the destroyed home turned to a neighbour, while recovering from the ordeal. friends Princesa and others Apollo We are so grateful to this man who treated their dogs as full members of the family.

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