At Pont-Audemer, 35 dogs participate in a dog competition that doesn’t lack ‘biting’

dog competition
Barrier jump test. © MC.D

Sunday 4 September 2022 35 dogs participated in pre-selections to arrive Semi-finals of the French Championships at the Pont-Audemer kennel club (for you), quai du Mascaret. The competition was held under the supervision of judge Serge Pepin, accompanied by assistants in costumes, Florian Liu and François Fleury.

“Such a competition requires a month of preparation and a veterinary examination initially, every dog ​​must be vaccinated against rabies and of course no steroids are allowed. The competitors, mostly Malinois and German Shepherds, had to perform two programs with the help of their master’s voice. An obedience program that consisted of different obstacles. , long jumps and hurdles, imposed poses (sitting, lying, standing) and tests with objects to identify and rewind sequences of muzzled or leash and other tests as well”, explains Jean-Marie Prevost, president of the association.

dog competition
Long jump event. © MC.D

training hours

A second program called “biting”, as it is technical, consists in attacking from the front or stopping, guarding objects or defending the master. “It takes 100 points to get a patent, 200 points for level 1, 300 for level 2 and 400 for level 3. To reach this level you need hours of training and it is a real passion. You should know that teaching a dog starts in two months with the obedience program And it cannot exceed 9 years in the two programs ”, defines Jean-Marie Prevost.

He continues: “Our dogs are real athletes and we take care of them with a balanced diet and an orthopedic intervention twice a year or more if necessary. Before concluding: “Contrary to what many people think, our educational programs do not develop in any way aggressiveness in our dogs, but rather They make them very calm and balanced animals in everyday life. »

Show dog pont audemer
Serge Pepin, judge (left), podium, and right, Christophe Cantelo, elected, flanked by assistants Florian Leu and François Fleury. © MC.D

Competition results: 1st: Philippe Dessamblanc and Avni from La Liga Club. Second: Jean-Marie Prevost and Laureys of Pont-Audemer. Third: Etienne Dublin and Justin of Chartres

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