Bodyguards, messengers, lifeguards… Discover the “woof jobs” of our canine friends in this beautifully illustrated book!

He easily opens his heart to humans and shows a look full of wisdom. Since he met the man, the dog swore allegiance to him. However, life with this animal is not only about hugs, games and walks: it can wear the hat of a colleague in the professional environment.

For a long time now, the local dog has been helping his masters by carrying out a torrent of errands. Guarding, tracking, towing and other activities are perfect for him. Many breeds, for example, are known for their stamina and strength, qualities that are very useful in certain areas.

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With a little bit of humor and a healthy spoonful of passion, Valeria Alois and others Margot Tissot I collected about thirty dog ​​occupations, from the most classic to the most exotic. the book Jobs D andedited by Helvetichighlights a large number of breeds popular in certain environments.

On 104 pages, young and old will learn more about dog workers. Equipment used, training, privacy, etc. The book is a veritable mine of information and fascinating anecdotes. Our dogs have more than one parent up their sleeve!

Article illustration: bodyguards, messengers, rescue workers... find out

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All about expert dogs

Corporate Communication Specialist, Narrator Valeria Alois Use his fine pencil to draw pictures of expert dogs. Happy adopter ofArnolda muscular French bulldog like Schwarzeneggerexplains how Hairballs teach their trade, reveal their source of motivation and reveal what will happen to them when it’s time to retire.

in coexistence with Margot TissotGraduated from Painter and Graphic DesignerIcon From FreiburgThe author pays tribute to all these four-legged workers who contribute to making our world a better place. Behind the words and images, the duo tacitly reveals the unshakable passion that binds the representatives of the canine and human species.

Colors and shapes as well as the fluidity and importance of text Jobs D and Beautiful book, very fun to read (and re-read!).

Article illustration: bodyguards, messengers, rescue workers... find out

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Unusual professions sometimes

The originality of the book also lies in the choice of works. In addition to summarizing what is known, artists present unusual, forgotten and legendary publications.

Tennis collectors, curators, protectors of domestic violence victims or even water leak detectors: our beloved pets will never cease to amaze us!

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Article illustration: bodyguards, messengers, rescue workers... find out

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And therefore , Valeria Alois and others Margot Tissot Create a plasterboard of dog occupations from yesterday to today. Famous animals like secular A four-legged astronaut or even Mass inspirational Pablo Picassoalso included.

Jobs D and It represents a complete journey into the world of dog action and proves that not all heroes necessarily wear a robe…

Jobs D andValeria Alois and Margot Tissot, HELVETIQ, 104 pages, €19.90.

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