Cats (especially their masters) will love it!

Cats love to explore faraway lands (or just the back of a garden), but their everyday ways often remain a mystery to their humans. Do you dream of knowing what your cat does on its days and nights? We have the GPS you need!

If cats spend time sleeping, they also love to walk in nature and explore new places. But these journeys remain a mystery to their own humans who cannot track them down. What if offering GPS to your cat was the answer?

Always know where your cat is

using file GPS for your catYou will always be able to see where he is in real time, but also find out his night ways or what he does while you are away. A particularly useful solution if your cat is lost or accidentally trapped somewhere. Then the GPS will let you find it in a few seconds and be able to help it. You can also define a virtual fence – eg your garden – and be alerted in real time as soon as your cat crosses or enters this area.

More anecdotally, GPS is also an opportunity to find out where your cat prefers to take a nap, and whether there are places he goes to regularly…in short, what he’s doing with his life that you’ve always dreamed of knowing!

We tested Tractive GPS: cats (especially their masters) will love it!

Traactive, N°1 GPS for cats on the market

Among the many solutions out there, we decided to test a GPS brand from Tractive. The latter promises all the security needed for your cat, but also real-time monitoring, unlimited range and 365-day log, as well as 7-day autonomy. Beautiful promises we’ll put to the test thanks to Meuh-Meuh, Hélène’s cat, a member of the Wamiz team.

Here is Moah Mih, our happy tester:

We tested Tractive GPS: cats (especially their masters) will love it!

Prior to the Tractive GPS test, Meuh-Meuh had not worn anything around his neck. Fortunately, the cat quickly acclimatized to the collar and GPS despite its rather large size. Good first point, the collar and GPS are designed so that your cat’s life is never at risk, he can’t find himself stuck clinging somewhere. The device is also water and shock resistant. In short, Moah-meh will be able to test it in harsh conditions.

After a few days of use without the slightest problem, the Meuh-Meuh finally came home and had a great day without GPS. Then his human used the positioning function and found the device in a watering can filled with water. As promised, the GPS still worked perfectly despite its short stay in the water.

In addition to being able to track the Meuh-Meuh in his movements, Tractive GPS also makes it possible to monitor his health data by checking his sleep and activity periods. Movement goals are also given to keep your cat in good shape. A challenge taken by Mioh Mioh who loves to go for a walk.

We tested Tractive GPS: cats (especially their masters) will love it!

You can even compare your score with the results of other cats all over the place!

What we loved about Traactive GPS

  • Real-time tracking

  • health data

  • easy to use

  • The safety of the cat despite the collar

  • Find out all the secrets of Meuh-Meuh and understand where he is when he “disappears” for several hours

  • No fear of losing Moo-Moo

  • good autonomy

  • Very clear and easy to use app

We tested Tractive GPS: cats (especially their masters) will love it!

What can be improved

  • Reflective tape on the collar will be a real addition

  • A more compact version of GPS

  • The monthly subscription may seem a little expensive, but there are interesting formulas

We tested Tractive GPS: cats (especially their masters) will love it!

In short, if your cat is a little adventurer who loves to go for walks, then this GPS is the best purchase you can make in order to always keep an eye on him and better understand his daily life. The fact that you are able to validate your animal is a real plus and you will quickly get into the game. Monthly subscription starts from €4/month so you can use all the functions of your GPS.

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