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Do you want to adopt a new four-legged friend? Discover the Turk of Van, an elegant cat with a slightly wild temperament.

This cat is from Lake Van, TurkeyNot far from the Iraqi border. Its origins are undoubtedly very close to those of the Turkish Angora, but it is less well known than these. The Turk of Van, also called the Turkish cat of Lake Van or the Turkish Van, was only It was only introduced in Britain in the 1960s, while its brilliant cousin has been appreciated in Europe since the seventeenth century. The breed was officially recognized in 1969, and it was finally the United States that developed its breed. Turkey, realizing the importance of the legacy of Turk Van, decided to protect it and now ban its export.

leaving fan . character

Leaving Van for years has been away from men, almost living in the wild. So maybe his personality is a bit More wild than other catsHowever, he is a friend affectionate and sweet. He just needs to be trusted by his master. It’s a cat who can be completely exclusive, once she feels safe. a little TimidHe doesn’t necessarily appreciate strangers and isn’t always very friendly with other felines. But he is very affectionate with his master, loves cuddling and foreplay sessions like playing games. While that annoyingHe adapts to life in an apartment, alternating between idleness and ambushes.

The Turk of Van preserved his origins a Clear taste of aquatic environment and fishing. So he especially appreciates the presence of water nearby … This athlete, who hunts and fishes with great enthusiasm, would be much happier if he could make use of the park.

price leave van

To adopt a Turk from Van, you have to calculate Between 800 and 1000 euros. Take the time to select good breeding to ensure compliance with the breed standard. Then the maintenance cost Between 300 and 450 euros per year.

Turk of Van: a coat that needs maintenance

The Turk of Van has a very special coat, inherited from the time when he lived in the wild state of Turkey. In winter, its fur is dense and thick, which allows it to effectively withstand the cold. In the summer, it sheds and the cat retains only its undercoat, which is short … So the molting period is especially amazing. Has ! Then daily brushing is required to remove dead hair.

Van Turk’s appearance

Each breed of cat has very specific physical characteristics. Here are those for Turk of Van:

Van Turk head

Van left his head tripleLonger than wide and with rounded edges. The cheekbones are high, well defined, and the chin is strong.

The ears are medium in size with a round tip. It is placed high on the cat’s skull.

The eyes of the Turk Van

his eyes Oval, slightly almond-shaped, at an angle. Usually colorful pure amberbut one can find Van Turks with wall eyes (An eye of a different color than the other).

The body of the Turk Van

Somewhat similar to the Turkish Angora, the Turk of Van . offers – Tall, slim body, strong muscles. Also, his legs are strong. This cat is not tall because it measures Between 25 and 30 cmWhether it is male or female.

tail left fan

big cock medium with round head. She is coveredWell furnished feather coat.

Hair and color leave Van

Leave the cat is a cat with Medium length hair is rather thickWith a little overcoat. her coat soft and adorable. It thickens to adapt to cold winter temperatures. The coat is longer in the neck and shapes collar.

According to Van Turk standard, main color, whiteIt should cover the whole body. a Light marks are borneProvided that it does not exceed one-fifth of the cover. This mark, usually located on the ears and tail, can be black, blue, tortoiseshell, but is often red.

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