Discover 3 breeds of gray cats

Korat is a homely person and an inquisitive cat. Role /

Gray cats, which often have brightly colored eyes, look a bit mysterious.

Whether they have a uniform coat or not, the breeds gray cats They are appreciated for their elegance. While coat color has no effect on their personality or health, they are generally known to be affectionate animals with a strong build. A look back at three basic breeds of gray cats.

And in the light

The Nebelung is a very rare cat in France.

The Nebelung is a breed of gray cat that is directly descended from the Russian Blue. We can even consider it a semi-long hair alternative. The first specimens bred during the 1980s were uniformly gray with bluish highlights. With an average weight of between 3 and 6 kg, it is distinguished by a muscular figure and perfectly proportioned.

This sweet and affectionate breed of gray cat is distinguished by its great attachment to those around it. Also, the nebelung only moderately values ​​moments of solitude. He has a balanced temperament, agrees to live with other pets and loves children. He is also very funny and has excellent wit.

and korat

The Asian cat, Korat has a long life expectancy. Cyril Papbot /

The Korat is also a breed of gray cat whose coat is silvery blue. If he has a uniform color, then the volume of his hair can vary between medium – short and medium – long. At the withers, they measure 20 to 30 cm in length with an average weight of 3 to 5 kg. This animal is native to Thailand. However, it is necessary to wait for the second half of XXe Century to reach Europe, as well as the United States.

With its calm temperament, Korat is a domestic animal that prefers the calmness of its home over the nuances of the outdoors. He is also curious, social and affectionate with his master and relatives. He does not have a great tendency to meow, except to attract attention from those around him. This breed of gray cats has an excellent life expectancy. Some animals can live up to 25 years.


Chartreau’s eyes are very expressive. pchancel /

The Chartreux is a very old breed of gray cat. There are samples from the time of the Knights Templar, that is, in the twelfthe century. It would descend from animals from the Middle East before gradually developing in France. He has a short coat and the main color of this coat is blue-gray. Whether it is male or female, its height at the withers is about thirty centimeters. They can weigh between 3 and 7 kg. Very expressive, his eyes (from yellow to orange) usually remain wide open.

The Chartreuse is a calm and quick-witted animal, known for its calm and laid-back nature. This gray cat loves his independence, especially when it comes to exploring his surroundings. With proper education, getting along with animals and children becomes easy. Average life expectancy is about 15 years. He is not known to have any specific health problems, except for a slight tendency to gain weight if he does not exert himself adequately.

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