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Hi everyone.. my cat was born in 2006 and has one working kidney and a heart murmur… I was told she wouldn’t survive but she lived a long life!

In 2020, she lost a lot of weight, weighed less than 2 kg, moved poorly and refused to eat… Her vet advised us for euthanasia but we decided to give her another chance and with the help of her ‘new vet’. He recovered, began to eat and move normally. She was followed up weekly and the vet was shocked to see how she was fighting the disease! She had to take 2 pills every day + supplement and antiemetic, and this is where I made my first mistake: the supplement and antiemetic which I didn’t give them the whole time because I didn’t want to bother him any more than I already did with the rest of the treatment + vet visits.. .

1 month ago, she lost a lot of weight again and say well…she spent the whole Friday at the vet who was able to get her to eat a box of pathet (which gave so much hope) and whoever had it told me to take it back after the Pentecost holiday, But when she got home Friday night, she was self-defeating and couldn’t get out of the cart on her own.

On Saturday she moved a bit more in her basket without getting up but she ate less again… Sunday same… She was crawling to walk around… I thought if I didn’t take her to the vet she would go to die or spend the weekend in agony, so We took her with my dad to an on-call vet who told us it was time to let her go. He told us she must be in pain (while our regular vet told us that even if she was weak she was not in pain).

I said yes to euthanasia and now realize I killed my cat when I had just waited two more days I could have taken her back to my regular vet and she probably could have been. Once to be rescued…once I had the impression it wouldn’t last for two days, but now I think I was wrong… The vet on duty said what she thought was best but she didn’t know how far she actually managed to fight her disease… .
I never wanted to euthanize him! I don’t understand why I said yes… Once we got to the vet on call everything went so fast… I know there’s no going back… I could never ask her to pardon.. .I can’t believe I did this… I should have forced her to take her supplements and above all I shouldn’t have accepted euthanasia… I just want to know if people have been through this kind of situation… She deserved better…

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