Fendi: Dogs are abused on the farm and complaints are on the rise

Two associations and the mayor condemn the improper living conditions of dogs on a breeding farm in Saint-Paul-Mont-Benet. © PxHere.

In Saint-Paul-Mont-Penit (Vendée), photos circulating on social networks show dogs whose ribs we see, weak, eating plastic the few times they are outside. Associations such as the Brigitte Bardot Association and the Stefan Lamart Association conducted investigations, collected evidence and filed complaints.

The last complaint to date, July 25, 2022, was also dismissed. “On five occasions,” they say, “the Sable Dolon Prosecutor’s Office closed his complaints without further action.” Saint-Paul-Mont-Benet Mayor Philip Crochet asserted, “I have lodged a complaint, the neighborhood and the associations as well, but no one understands why these complaints are dismissed. When state services do not follow, even as mayor, I can do nothing else.”

“I’m trying one last thing”

Philip Crochet has already performed several procedures. “I’m four in two years,” he says. The first two procedures were developed with the Stefan Lamart Association. The problem is where to put the poor dogs. The association held everything and the state authorities only required the owner to comply with the standards while the kennel was in a house in a subdivision, which was not done. “A dog died anyway,” the mayor said. The third procedure has also failed. This is why the city mayor initiates a fourth procedure to make housing unhealthy “until that person leaves the building.”

“When the judges can’t, we have no other choice.”

For his part, Stefan Lamart does not understand the classification without following up on these complaints when “evidence is being collected, there are even pictures and everyone is complaining about it”. With his association, Stefan Lamarte intends to provide a direct quote. “It is an appeal before the attorney general so that the judge who filed the complaints without follow-up justifies and explains himself. When the judges are not able to, we have no other choice but to make direct citation.” In addition, “It is important that judges be trained in animal protection or obtain assistance if they are not trained in it. There are living creatures behind them. In our association, we welcome judges so that they can be trained on these topics.” For Stefan Lamarte, 5 complaints were closed without action which is a record. “Sure, five complaints does not mean they are fair, but there, every time, we provide evidence.”

“A dog was dead for a week under the tarpaulin”

“The neighbors are leaving because of this story. It is unmanageable and it is still not understood by everyone about closing these complaints without follow-up,” says the investigator from the Stefan Lamarte Association. She continues, “A dead dog was kept under a tarp for a week. The gendarmes saw it and took pictures, but the prosecutor did not take it into account, why?”

To date, the Sables-d’Olonne Prosecutor’s Office has not yet responded to our requests.

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