German Shepherd imitating Pongo from “101 Dalmatians” for fun! (video)

While watching 101 Dalmatians, her favorite cartoon, for the umpteenth time, this German Shepherd dog was caught imitating a bongo!

Clarification :

It often happens that dogs recognize their congeners when they appear on TV. Sometimes they manage to recognize other canines in the cartoon.

Daisy was caught acting one of the 101 Dalmatians scenes

daisy He is two years old. Love animated movies 101 dalmatiansAnd she seems to know it by heart. She was photographed by her lover imitating a dog bongo During the cult scene of the cartoon.

The scene in question takes place in a park, when bongo He stole his owner’s hat Present. Then the Dalmatian shakes the headdress to get the dog’s attention. Lost and his mistress Anita.

In the video posted on tik tokwe find out daisy With a toy in his mouth. Eyes glued to the screen, anxiously waiting for a moment bongo She shakes the hat, and she begins shaking her toy in exactly the same way. When bongo Stop, daisy Moreover. Moments later, the Dalmatian shook the hat again, and the German Shepherd did the same. We also note that the tail daisy Swinging, bearing witness to the joy this moment gives.

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♬ Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations) – Piano Man Tom

Daisy Not Only 101 Dalmatians Fan

Another dog was seen on tik tok watching the movie DisneyAs mentioned Mirror. This time it’s called a Dalmatian puppy Dotty. standing on his hind legs, Dotty Staring at the screen with great interest. What’s especially fun is that the scene you watch consists of a Dalmatian watching a movie!

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She sees the sites of #dalmatians #dalmatiansoftiktok #fy #fyp #101dalmatians #simlishsessions

♬ original sound – Kristen

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