Holiday galleys: Injecting insulin into the wrong cat, back to death in the soul

Holiday cactus death, cat
Aloe died after a pet groomer who was caring for her while on teacher’s vacation accidentally injected her with insulin. © d

It’s more than just a bad adventure or a big hassle, it’s an unfortunate experience that Marion and her family had during their vacation. as an arrow, Cactusesa gray and white 17-year-old angora who died while they were spending the week in Spain.

But far from grief, it is the circumstances that are difficult for them to accept. “I hired a groomer to take care of our three cats. I chose her from several candidates because she highlighted the fact that she is a veterinary assistant,” explains the mother who lives in Lower Julien. “She had to do Insulin injection AM and PM Freddy (Le fils d’Aloé, editor’s note), our 12-year-old cat, Diabetic«.

After two meetings, we left with peace of mind. But two days after we left, this pet groomer told me that my cat is at the vet where she works, in another vineyard municipality. Later in the afternoon, the vet called me and told me she had very bad news. Aloy died of cardiac arrest. The nanny made a mistake, and injected insulin into the wrong cat!

This news devastated Marion. ” I do not have I’ve never seen my pussy again With who am I so Fusion. I am very sad and shocked. Just like my husband and kids. On the other hand, Freddy seems to be waiting and hasn’t resumed his habits…”

“The stay was awesome”

When she heard the news, Marion was at sea with her family, off Gexto in Spain.

My parents wouldn’t let me hit the road right away, given my condition. I finally made the decision to stay so our kids could enjoy their vacation. But for me, the stay was horrible. I knew losing aloe was going to be very hard for me, but the way things happened was so violent, unjust and incomprehensible that I still had a lot of trouble getting over my grief.

Marion won’t follow up a pet. But she wanted to testify to pay tribute to the cactus, and to raise awareness. “It’s a reminder that even when you think you know or think you’re good at your job, you have to pay attention to what you’re doing…”

In the next and last article of our site, we will talk about a family who found themselves on the streets with children in an unknown country and their first eventful solo vacation. Does that excite you? You will know everything tomorrow!

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