Natalie Triulo will be presenting her Carthusian at The 26th Cat Show this weekend, at Chartrexpo

Smiling, bright eyes, Natalie Triulo willingly and emotionally shares her passion for cats.
In addition to her five children, this 47-year-old stay-at-home mom raises ten breeds in her large Loewe home. Among them is Simba, the ‘blue-golden short-haired Chartreaux,’ who is in the beauty contest at the 26th International Cat Show this weekend in Chartrespoe. He was born on March 15, 2021.

This adorable cat comes from his mother, Yvana des bleus de Jade, who won the 2018 agricultural competition, and from his father from Italy, Einstein Icon Blue, explains Eurélienne.

What are the qualities of Simba to be able to claim victory during these two days? “This cat fits into all federations thanks to fair play and charisma. Tall for his age and well developed, he will undoubtedly be a worthy representative of his breed,” describes Natalie Triulo.

La Tanire Zoo near Chartres welcomed 80,000 visitors during the summer

to Germany

His first competition dates back to February 2012, on tours, with “my cat named Guizmo. I was positively surprised by the opinion of the judges, and from there my passion for competitions began.” Since then, I have traveled through France, even Europe – I have already traveled to Germany and Belgium – to show the beauty of feline.
Another surprising memory for Eurélienne: discovering her favorite race, the Carthusians. Going back sixteen years. When taking Chaussette to the vet, I found out it was a chartreuse when the vet filled in his pedigree. A wonderful find. »

Turtle welcomed by Drake Annette

Motivated, this Luigny resident has a goal: participate in five to six fairs a year, win prizes with her cats and strive for farming competitions.

Six hundred felines to discover

This event is organized by the féline des Pays de Loire and the Catimini Club, which presents, in particular, several exhibitions. First of all, 600 cats of different breeds will be presented, such as the Chartreux, the Turkish Angora or even the Singaporean. Visitors wishing to purchase a kitten that is at least 3 months old will be able to meet with breeders who will answer their questions and guide them in their selection. They will also have access to several stalls selling the most diverse products, to feed or occupy their cat.
For their part, the cats participating in the competitions will be presented to fifteen international judges over the weekend.
Practice. International Cat Show, this weekend, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., at Chartrexpo. Admission: 8 euros, 3 euros for children.

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