She created an AI system to control the coming and going of the litter box

Cats sometimes have behaviors that are difficult for us to understand. Such was the case for Estefannie, the YouTube engineer. Her adorable cat regularly eats plastic things and thus ended up going to the vet a few times. Now, she can make sure he takes care of himself thanks to her innovations.

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Stephaniean engineer known for her inventions that she shares with her community YoutubeShe has two alley cats, color and others dummy.

The latter has an annoying habit of playing with small plastic objects and then swallowing them. So the animal had health problems in the past: fever and intestines obstructed by a foreign body.

Fortunately, each time, he was saved in time thanks to the surgery performed by the vet.

However, his caring lover wanted to create a system to check if he would defecate in the litter box. For this, I used Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

2 years of programming

to carry out his project, Stephanie Equipped with an infrared camera and many sensors in addition to Raspberry pie (Reducing the computer to its simplest use).

She has taken at least 50,000 photos of her cats in the litter box in order to create a database capable of distinguishing who goes there.

In fact, the program, thanks to the sensors, recognizes if it is color or from dummy Then it saves the information on the server.

Likewise, the software is able to determine if your cat has urinated and/or defecatered.

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And so, thanks to artificial intelligence, when dummy He rarely goes to his cat’s toilet or just pees there, Stephanie He knows right away that he has swallowed something else and that his digestive system is blocked.

So she can anticipate care before the cat’s health deteriorates, reports netcost.

The young woman can also gather information about the digestion habits of felines that will allow science to study them.

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