Since Swallowing A Toy That Ruined His Gut, This Great Dane Has Been Enjoying The Web With His Periods (Video)

Roland is the famous Great Dane on the TikTok platform thanks to daily videos posted by his owner of unusual farts. The icing on the cake: He always puts himself in strange situations before taking action. Roland suffers from excessive flatulence, that’s true, but for good reason.

Clarification :

Nikki Deutsch He is the proud owner of Rolandadopted by Danish in 2020. Lives inArizona to me United State With his family. Her giant dog, somewhat in spite of herself, became famous on social networks thanks to her uncontrollable flatulence. “Roland farts fiercely every day and he always does downhill dog yoga before he lets it go.”She said Mirror.

Article illustration: Because he swallowed a toy that ruined his gut, this great Dane enjoys the web with his periods (video)
Nikki Deutch / Tik Tok

Intestinal damage after a home accident

In 2021, Roland He had a bad idea to play with a cat toy unsuitable for his large size, and ended up swallowing it. Then a piece of rubber got stuck in his intestines. Roland It was necessary to undergo urgent intervention to the veterinarian to extract it. “The toy was blocking his intestines, causing part of it to be damaged and had to be removed.”clearer Nikki.

The vets confirmed it Roland He will recover and that was the main thing. However, they did not warn about the fact that from now on, Roland He will suffer from excessive flatulence and nausea.

since then, Nikki He started filming what the whole family is going through now. To make netizens laugh as she laughs at herself, Nikki He shares videos on his dog’s TikTok account. Each of them has several thousand likes, pushing Roland To unabashedly net star rank.

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