The best cat houses and domes in 2022

Cats are completely independent animals, and they value peace of mind. That’s why they like to have their own space for naps and rest, where they have real privacy. Take the opportunity to give them a warm and comfortable home.

Domes and kennels come in many designs. To choose the perfect shelter for your furball, you should take into account the size of your animal, its tastes (does it prefer sleeping high or on the ground?) and the future location of the resting dodo. There are already homes for the interior as well as for the exterior. Choose a shelter that is easy to clean, with removable items. Also, make sure it’s scratch-resistant, as kittens like to sharpen their claws when they feel comfortable. Are you close to adopting an Angora cat? Reassure him once he arrives by installing him in the cat igloo, it’s comfortable, safe and stylish. He can snuggle inside while quietly observing his surroundings. This is the best solution to help him get used to his new life!


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Dibea outdoor cat house, on two floors

Highly designed, this cat house is made of pine wood. It is rather compact, it is hinged on two floors and has dimensions of 55 x 52 x 81 cm. Equipped with instructions, its place is easy to assemble. Its roof is covered with bitumen and its openings are all protected to prevent rainwater from entering. In addition, the cabin has an open roof, which facilitates its cleaning. It is raised to allow air to circulate at the bottom and to avoid mold. As for this large cat house door, it works like a cat flap.

Miliboo Bamboo Cat House With Cushion

This outdoor cat house is divided into several spaces. The sleeping area is on the ground floor, which is closed by a small transparent door that rises above and beyond. Upstairs, your cat can take a nap on a covered balcony, which can be accessed by stairs. This cat lodge is easy to assemble and can accommodate many animals. It rests on four feet, allowing air to circulate underground, thus reducing the level of moisture inside the alcove. This small house is suitable for cats but can also house rabbits or ferrets.

Miliboo Bamboo Cat House With Cushion

With its dome shape and soft cushioning, the Miliboo Cat House is your cat’s dream cabin! Made of painted bamboo and accompanied by a soft pillow, this place with its natural charm will be the perfect retreat for your four-legged friend. He will be there like a cocoon to enjoy a long nap in the well-deserved rest.

Why buy a cat dome?

The cat dome will provide your pet with a quiet and reassuring place in which to come and snuggle. Whether it’s sleeping, observing his environment, cuddling his favorite stuffed animal, or taking refuge when he’s frightened, a dome-shaped house will allow your cat to isolate himself when he desires.

Domes are very safe for cats, as they only have an opening through which the animal can rest its head. This way, your kitten does not have to be on the alert all the time and can keep an eye on its surroundings without feeling threatened.

In addition, cat domes are rather designs and fit easily into all types of home decor.

How do you choose a home for your cat?

To choose a home for your cat, you can go to a specialized store, or take advantage of the wide options available on the Internet. By choosing the last solution, you can easily compare models and read user reviews.

It is necessary to take into account the ratio of quality and price to choose the ideal model, but also the characteristics of the house. Buy a home that matches your cat’s size and habits. If your cat sleeps outside, get her in an outdoor cat house, which will protect her from wind, cold, and rain.

If your kitten likes to climb, buy an igloo that can be placed on a high place. Otherwise, choose a dome set on the ground.

Are domes suitable for all types of cats?

The vast majority of cats like to take refuge in a place of their own, quiet and relaxing. That is why domes are suitable for all types of cats, regardless of age and breed.

In general, we prefer homes that are laid out on the ground for older cats who find it difficult to move around. As for the kittens who like to climb and jump, they sleep in high domes: on a shelf for example or in a cat tree.

What criteria should be considered when buying a home for cats?

If you are buying an outdoor cat house, make sure it is completely waterproof and windproof. Choose a model that is slightly elevated, not directly touching the ground and its dampness. Also choose a house with a door that does not allow drafts to pass through. If the roof can be opened, cleaning it will make your life easier.

The comfort of the dome is also one of the important selection criteria. Choose a soft pillow and well-padded walls. The ideal option is to choose items with removable covers, which can be washed in a washing machine.

If design is important to you, you will easily find modern homes to match your décor.

Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor home for your cat?

It all depends on your cat’s habits. If he is an animal that likes to spend long hours in the fresh air, he will be happy to have a home on the veranda, veranda or garden. The perfect solution to enjoying fresh air and sunshine while sitting on a comfortable cushion.

On the other hand, if your cat is closer to home, choose a boarding house for cats. He will be able to keep warm near a radiator or near a heater.

Of course, you can take a cat house indoors and a garden house. It is up to your pet to choose where he prefers to settle, depending on the outside temperature.

From what age can you buy a dome for your cat?

You can buy a cat dome at an early age for your pet. If you take him as a baby, he will come to your house as soon as he is weaned and he will be happy to be able to hide in a comfortable home. This will also help him quickly feel at home, because he can cuddle under his dome to reassure himself. Choose a small house for your cat, even if it means buying a new one when he’s an adult. If there was too much space in his dome, he might feel lost! Your cat will then enjoy its tiny home for the rest of its life. As he gets older, a comfortable pillow will warm his joints.

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