The most popular names for dogs and cats

Top 10 dog names

Each year, so-called “purebred” dogs registered with the LOF must have a name that is enforced with their initials. Varies by year of birth: P in 2019, R in 2020 and… S in 2021!

Many of you have lent yourselves to the game.

Here is the 2021 list of the most popular dog names for males:

  1. Simba Rise to the top of the rankings and pay tribute to our favorite lion. She will give importance to the big harassers as well as to our little princes.
  2. psycho He finished second on the podium. Inspired by manga or Japanese, this name means “gifted”. Enough to encourage his progress!
  3. snow This listing is closed. Honoring the character of the famous series (because “You don’t know anything, Jon Snow.”) or a reference to the pure dog’s coat: This first name has the Sahel.

In the rest of the arrangement we find short names, with an Anglo-Saxon voice and largely inspired by cartoons such as Shadow (4th), Sky (5th), Snoopy (8) or Scott (9).

For females, one or two syllables are popular:

  1. Sally The first step on the platform. A tribute to our heroines on the big screen (carsAnd the Nightmare Before ChristmasAnd the When Harry Met Sally), for a dog’s name.
  2. StellaSweet, easy-to-pronounce name, meaning “star”.
  3. he is This top finishes 3: A name that gives a sound (not too much, all the same) to your hairballs.

Then comes Shelpi (fourth), Nala (seventh, basic whatever year), Shiva (ninth) or Chanel (tenth).

Hyperassur dog names 2021

Top 10 names for cats

cats represent less than 20% Animals insured in comparison. I highly respected the “S” rule for males…but not for females! Get out the “S” in the first letter: nouns are heterogeneous but also more traditional.

Male Cat Awards:

  1. Simbato take out the lion that lurks in the cats.
  2. rubyTo show how valuable your cat is to you.
  3. sushiTo reveal your love for Japanese cuisine.

In the rest of the standings, Rio – unbeatable in 2020 – re-emerges in ninth place, accompanied by Snow (fourth), Sasha (sixth) or Socrates (seventh).

And for females:

  1. Nala Ranked first in the ranking: The Lion King is very popular with children and parents alike.
  2. sushiis a mixed and fun-to-pronounce noun, which takes second place in the charts.
  3. Stella Complete this Top 3 Part: Enough to make your kitten shine.

Then more heterogeneous nouns are added to this list such as Ruby (6), Luna (7), or Plume (9).

Noms Chats Hyperassur 2021

Fictional characters, gems, gods or philosophers: This year once again, you haven’t lacked inspiration to find a name for your canine and cat friends.

Your four-legged friends are widespread pampered : 65% of you want to insure their dog with the maximum level of coverage. This percentage rises to 70% for cats.

About the study:

This analysis is based on data collected by the Hyperassur Insurance Comparison, from 26,976 dogs and 6,128 cats born between January 1, 2021 and July 9, 2021.

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