Why and how do cats hunt?

Whether the cat is wild or domestic, it remains above all a hunter. Find out here how the cat goes hunting.

The hunting instinct is there even between Chats good nutrition They hunt their prey and do not eat it. Even if they live in an apartment, they can’t resist a little hunting party when they are released outside.

as written Theodore de Banville in his book cat : ” […] Of all the animals, the cat is the one in which the instinct is the most persistent, and the most impossible to kill.“When hunting, a cat can catch on average one in five birds and one in two rodents.

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A picture of a cat’s eye Francesco Ungaro / Pixels

cat hunting technique

fishing technique Chats It is an instinct and upbringing transmitted by the mother. In the wild, a cat presents its young with prey that went hunting when they were about five weeks old. She gave them a small piece, so they could all taste it.

Little by little, the mother will bring it the cats The prey is still alive, which will have the right to play with it. Then they train with these little animals. This habit is completely normal and necessary to educate a kitten as a future hunter. Able to survive in the wild.

Moreover, he is practicing ambushesto me assaultsIn attack and defense with his brothers. Through all kinds of games, he strengthens his deadly abilities.

What senses does a cat use for hunting?

when he hunts The chat They use their five senses.

often starts with hear its prey : small rodents walking on dead grass, the chirping of birds, the slightest noise attracts her attention.

Then it approaches the noise source to Observe it at leisure. Then lying in ambush, It watches its prey for a long time before deciding to attack : He wants to make sure of his shot!

Then he approached very slowly, at ground level, and then, ready to jump, crouched, his tail pulsing in the air, and, fettered, was on top of the animal, which surrounded him. paws Avant. It then generally follows a period of playing with the prey before it dies and then bites it…or exposes it to its master!

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A picture of a cat on a bench Harry Cunningham/Pixels

What do cats hunt?

Cats are often mistaken for large predators of birds. But upon closer examination, And the chat In the wild, 75% feed on small rodents.

The rest of his food consists of 10% reptiles and only 15% birds. When a domestic cat kills a bird, it rarely does it to eat it, but rather does it Follow your hunting instinct.

Facing the bird, the fight is often unequal, and the hope of victory is generally dashed by the flapping of the opponent’s wings. Only a few small, reckless or distracted birds can fall victim to predatory cats.

Your cat offers you its prey

If your cat presents you with small prey, do not scold her.even if it disgusts you: it is his instinct that speaks …

In nature, the Chats Bring their prey to their families to contribute to the formation of food stocks. So they put them in a visible place, sometimes still alive, so that the cats can eliminate them themselves.

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cat picture Francesco Ungaro / Pixels

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