A German shepherd discovers a video of monkeys and develops a strange obsession!

One user of the community site Reddit spoke about the incredible affection her dog has developed. This animal is actually obsessed with videos, not just any videos; Those that appear are monkeys.

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Post under a pseudonym late_work 4283user reddit He talked about the great interest his dog gets for a certain type of videos, those that show monkeys, according to his report. Mirror. A position that interests him to the highest degree.

His dog responds to a name Sasha He is two years old. She is a loving and intelligent German Shepherd, who loves to share all kinds of activities with her family, including watching TV.

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according to late_work 4283It all started a few months ago, when she was watching cute monkey videos Youtube. Then join it Sashathat remained attached to the screen. As if her passion had suddenly been revealed to her.

« She was so immersed in the videos that she watched 3 of them wagging their tails the whole time. She even seemed upset when I had had enough and got over it Says the owner.

The latter and her companion wanted to know whether it was the monkeys specifically that cared for the dog or the animals in general. Soon they got the answer by doing some tests. ” After testing it with other videos of small animals like squirrels, we found out that they were indeed monkeys ‘, he explains 428.

“She barks and claws until we get to her monkey videos”

add that when Sasha She wants to find her virtual primate friends, she starts barking constantly until we agree to her request. ” It got to the point that in the evening when we watched something, she would bark at us until we moved on to her monkey videos. ‘ continues the author of the post.

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As requested by other users reddit If they notice similar behaviors in their dogs. Someone replied in a comment that they liked the videos showing their peers out for a walk in the woods. ” Maybe remind him of his own adventures “, Locate.

« My dog ​​also watches TV and loves all videos with all kinds of insects Another responded, adding that his four-legged friend often scans the back and sides of the TV for said creatures.

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