Animated video of a shelter dog who went on vacation with a volunteer to take advantage of a few days of rest

Sometimes it is difficult for animals to survive in the shelter. This is the case of the Meatbull, a wonderful dog looking for adopters. Therefore, a good Samaritan would like to give him a few days of rest and post photos on social networks. The community was very affected.

meat ballsa Labrador Retriever mix, has been living in the shelter for a few months now Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary located inOntario au Canada.

Unfortunate does not support life in the fund. He tends to feel depressed and desperately seeks the attention of helpless volunteers.

one of them, Stephanie MonroeShe wanted to give him a well-deserved break so he took her on vacation to her chalet in the heart of nature.

The young woman took pictures of their stay and shared them in an animated clip on the platform tik tok. The video was viewed over a million times and made an impact on the community.

And for good reason! The dog is completely happy and enjoys every moment. We spot him letting off steam during a great walk, enjoying the warmth of the flames by the campfire, sleeping peacefully on a comfortable plot, trying his hand at paddling on planks or even savoring the caresses on his stomach.

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Meatball Cottage?

? Original sound – Stephanie Munro

Still looking for her new home

“I was able to discover a whole other side that I didn’t know about”Tell Stephanie to me Pets.

In fact, the dog tends to grieve within the association. There he was happy, cheerful and affectionate.

Where, meat balls He returned to the shelter. However, those few days of rest were a life saver.

Volunteers are still working to find furry adopters with whom he can thrive. His recent bad reputation on tik tok Nevertheless, he put him at the front of the stage. Many people have already offered to open their homes to him.

So he should leave soon for new adventures.

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