At 19, this cat takes his new role as a retirement home mascot very seriously

Since arriving at a seniors’ residence with its owner, Simba has gradually and spontaneously taken on the role of the foundation’s ambassador. The old cat is always there to welcome new residents and visitors, as well as to receive their pets.

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for a period of just under two years, Liz Baker he lives in Stone Creek Assisted Living Centera home for the elderly located in alliance in Ohio. She lives there with her big cat Simba19 years.

It’s an age that not many felines reach. However, this did not prevent him from being full of spirit and joy of life, even if it was clear that he no longer enjoyed the zeal of his youth.

Liz Baker He adopted it 9 years ago. She tells of her arrival at her home in infidels. « He was wandering in my bedroom, in the living room and in the dining roomRemember the retiree. Then he came back and sat next to the charging case and looked at me, seeming to think, “I think this will do the trick.” ».

Article illustration: At 19, this cat is taking her new role as a retirement home mascot very seriously

They haven’t left each other since then, bigalliance Allow its residents to keep their pets. Simba Not the type to sleep against it, but he still knows how to be affectionate and affectionate. That’s what he does with everyone in Stone Creek Assisted Living Centerwho became the mascot by force of circumstances.

Always ready to celebrate with new arrivals and get scratched

Every day, his mistress takes him on her scooter for commuting and gives him a breath of fresh air in the garden of the house. opportunity to Simba To find other residents and greet them. And when there are new residents or visitors, the duo always responds to welcome them.

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The staff at the retirement home appreciate the presence of this ginger cat and the good humor it brings. ” He will go to anyone who scratches his chin ‘, which – which McKellen Stevensemployee at the center Stone Creek.

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