Body search dogs will soon be deployed in Ukraine to replace the exhausted ones there

The Ukrainian body search dog groomer duo are at the end of their rope, both physically and psychologically. Many lost loved ones and felt exhausted after 4 months of conflict. They are helped by Response Rescue International Scotland.

Clarification :

john muskleya 54-year-old British Army veteran and Emma Dryburgan NHS nurse, both of whom are members of the organization Response Rescue International Scotland They were asked to replace the archaeologists in Ukraine.

They will take the plane in a directionItalia initially with Springer and others Dougal, dogs searching for their loyal bodies. The goal is to master their training for a few days before joining combat zones. A period of time is also necessary for obtaining administrative licenses.

In fact, in ScotlandTheir job is to assist law enforcement once the research is complete or unsuccessful. The 5-day training will aim to prepare the masters and canines for the war environment. “Entering this world of relic recovery is not just about training the dog, it’s about training yourself”Tell john.

‘They are asking for our help’

Springerthe Welsh Springer Spaniel and Dougalresulting from a cross between a Labrador Retriever and an English Springer, were trained to recognize the scent of carcasses.

Thus, they can find the deceased under the rubble or buried in a superficial way. Reward them once they find out it’s a tennis ball.clearer john.

Their next task will be to assist the European Civil Protection Association’s volunteer teams (Developer) in its role for the dignity of the victims.

“We are the only ones dealing with sacrifice recovery dogs within Evolsar and a request has been made to us directly to see if we can help. Of course we answered yes even if we waited for a difficult test »announced john to me Herald.

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Article illustration: Body search dogs will soon be deployed in Ukraine to replace those that are immediately exhausted
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