Characteristics and price Everything about this cat …

Coming from the Scots, the British, the Weird and the American Shorthair, discover the Scottish Straight, a cat as calm as imposing!

Discover Mary and William Ross Suzya cat with ears folded, on a Scottish farm. Fall in love with this chatindividual And ask the owners to keep a kitten for them.

represents the beginning of breeding Scottish Fold. But the folded ears gene can also lead to serious abnormalities. To reduce it, the Scottish folds are intersected withshort haired britishsubordinate short haired stranger and the short haired american.

So he is regularly born in Scottish straight litter, which are the same kittens, but with straight ears.

Does the Scottish straight line have a privacy?

The Scottish straight A rare cat, but its rarity is not seen! He actually has a Totally “natural” look Unlike his older brother with ears bent.

What is the character of the Scottish straight?

The Scottish straight he is chat very softAnd the Very pleasant and others very kind With his skin, in short, he is cream! He gets along well with children and seeks caress and hugs.

Very discreet, you can hardly hear a sound Scottish straightBecause despite his imposing body, he nodded in a very low voice!

How much does a straight Scottish cost?

You want to adopt a cat and choose? Scottish straight ? Know that this cat will cost you between 400 and 1500 eurosto Annual maintenance cost who will go From 400 to 600 euros.

What does a straight Scottish look like?

like everyone else ChatsThe Scottish straight Gifts Features good for him. here they are :

Scottish straight head

The Head The Scottish straight he is big with Well rounded featuresno matter what angle you look at it.

Cheeks full. The Skull he is circular, descending with a slightly concave curve. The neez he is court and others big.

wide at the baseears Medium to small sizeAnd the straightthey are rounded at their ends and placed well spaced apart, so as to respect the roundness of the head.

sis eyes be circularAnd the Grandsons and others wide openbut also well separated from each other.

Scottish straight body

The body is broad, thick, muscular and round. The skeleton is strong and the muscles are strong. Size is medium to large.

Scottish straight tail

thick at the baseThe a line Scottish straight is medium to long. It tapers slightly to a rounded tip.

La robe du Scottish Straight

on me fur he is shortAnd the DenseAnd the Closed It erects to the point of opening at the neck when the cat turns its head.

The fur has a thick undercoat It gives the impression of good natural protection. All colors and patterns are allowed.

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