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Cousin of the alley cat, find out all the information about the European (European shorthair), a sociable and affectionate cat.

As early as 1871, the British chose domestic cats, according to strict criteria. Thus they created a purebred cat called the British Shorthair. this is the last, Imported in Francewhere breeding developed in the 1960s, it took the European name.

The International Cat Federation then decided to revise the European standard so that it would not be confused with the British shorthair, Round and Stocker. Define its standard:

The breed of Europeans is based on the fact that it is a cat that is anatomically no different from the domestic short-haired cat.

it was official Renamed “European Shorthair” in 2007. The European is struggling to establish himself in France, because the common people confuse him with the alley cat.

European purebred cat character

Like an alley cat, a European can live as well In an apartment more than a house. Easily adapts to all situations. Easy to maintain. The European is not a tough cat, it generally eats everything, and like its cousins, it is a cat strong and rusticwho does not suffer from certain health problems.

The purebred European cat generally gets along with dogs, provided that the introduction is in the rules. If you already have a dog, introduce it to the cat and supervise it the first time to avoid any accident. If you have a European at home and you welcome a puppy, introduce him to the cat and teach him to firmly respect a “no” if he is too intrusive.

The European has kept his genetic baggage cleverness and resourcefulness From the ancestors of the alley cat. He’s always making his way, whether it’s walking out, grabbing a piece of chicken off the plate, or jumping into your lap while reading. Very likable, European is a very kind companion. He is very affectionate and is always looking for caress. European is very nice with kids.

short hair european price

Want to adopt a cat and choose a European? Know that this cat will cost you Between 700 and 1200 euros to Annual maintenance cost who will go From 200 to 400 eurosit is generally necessary to account for around 30€ per month.

The emergence of the European cat

like everyone else Chatseuropean gifts Features good for him. here they are :

european cat head

European cat has Round head but not too wideWith full cheeks. The station has been cleared, the muzzle follows the extension of the forehead, without a pinch. As for his ears, they are medium in size, and their base is wide and the end is round.

European eyes

This breed of cat has eyes Medium to large, round in shape, slightly sloping. Generally, the dye is Orange, yellow or green.

European body

According to the standard, it is said that the construction of this item almost alien, i.e. a slim, tall and elegant body with a strong skeleton. Its fairly well-developed chest and strong legs give it a certain strength.

European short hair tail

European tail medium size, with a constant thickness from base to tip, which gradually decreases. tip of the tail round.

European cat coat and color

The European Shorthair, as its name suggests, has an extension Short, thick and shiny coatwith one little overcoat. Color level, breed standard tolerate many dresses. Only a few colors not included: Chocolate, Lilac, Cinnamon and Fawn. In terms of the patterns on the coat, some such as sepia, mink and color point are not accepted in European cats.

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