Dol-de-Bretagne: Shock of two pedestrians violently bitten by a dog

Mireille's leg a few days after she was bitten by a dog in Dol-de-Bretagne.
Mireille’s leg a few days after she was bitten by a dog in Dol-de-Bretagne. © d

It was a beautiful day in June. Perfect for cycling on country roads.

Mirai (supposed first name) was riding with her buddy next door Dole de Brittany (Ele et al. Phelan). She is an accomplished athlete, young retiree swims every day and runs regularly.

German Shepherd jumps on him

On that day, she never imagined having to put her daily life on hold as an athlete for weeks on end. The mistake of a dog suddenly attacked her when the couple quietly crossed the village of Dole.

The German shepherd I popped up from the other side of the road to bite her hard on the calf. It would be his screams that would frighten his four-legged attacker in the end. A neighbor, a firefighter, will take care of first aid at the site before taking Mirai to the hospital.

leather patch

So his calf is nothing more than a pile of meat open in the open air. a leather patch will need. With two beautiful main scars of several centimeters.

“She was very athletic. It’s over”

in front of Saint Malo Court On this Tuesday, June 7, 2022, his lawyer, Pierre Stechelbaut, tries to make the judge understand the dire consequences of this bite.

For two months, a nurse would come to her house every day to provide her care. My client was very athletic. It’s all over. She still feels her pain today.”

Mireille also developed a terrible fear of dogs. Since the two-year-old facts, she’s been seeing a psychiatrist. His doctor prescribed him antidepressants.

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“When I hear barking, I get scared”

A few minutes later, in front of the same court, another retiree came to testify at the pub. She, too, was walking quietly in the countryside of Dol-de-Bretagne. Passing through the same village, a German Shepherd dog (investigation did not prove that it was actually the same animal, editor’s note) attacked him by surprise. The pedestrian was violently bitten on his hand and thighs. By removing its fangs, the dog left behind a “deep wound” that exposed raw tendons.

The victim, barely brimming with tears, told the court how the attack had changed her.

“I was very shocked. I, who have always loved animals, dread today when I hear a dog barking.”

“What if he was a kid?”

She said that if she made a complaint, it was not for the use of her hand that she “recovered 80%” but “because I was attacked in a place she frequents. Families come to walk there with their children. Children learn to ride a bike here. If a child is caught by the throat as if I have bitten my hand.” He won’t be here today.”

4 months suspended and the animal confiscated

We will learn during the hearing that the German Shepherd who was clearly identified during the first attack had not been vaccinated against rabies and had already “pinched” another walker according to its owner, who was absent in court. We will also learn that the mayor has issued an order requiring a behavioral examination of the dog.

The court sentenced the owner of the animal to 4 months suspended for involuntary injuries. Justice confiscates his German Shepherd and prevents him from owning a new animal for five years.

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