How to avoid cat droppings in the garden and neutralize its smell?

Cats are wonderful creatures. It’s still frustrating when they use our garden as a toilet, when they burrow into borders and when they prey on each other. Some come here out of curiosity, while others seek to mate or hunt. Whatever the reason for their visit, find a way to show them that the park is not the place to defecate. In our article, you will learn how to avoid cat litter in the garden. We will also give you valuable tips on how to permanently remove the bad smell of faeces.

Are cats infesting your garden?

How to get rid of invasive cats in the yard

Water the soil regularly

You really don’t want cat poop in the floor? This is completely normal, especially if you grow food. Realize that cats do not like wet ground. So, keep your soil well watered to prevent it from defecating in your garden and crushing your plants. According to the latest research, cats prefer dry and loose soil, mulch and compost. Keep this fact in mind when organizing the space in your garden and choosing your plants. For example, you can find a container with a good seal for your compost or prefer plants that love moisture.

wet floor for cats

How can I prevent cats from entering my garden?

Install an automatic sprayer

Water repellents are designed for outdoor use and are a humane way to deter cats from coming into your garden. Safe and effective, it gently shoots water jets for a few seconds in the general direction of the animal. Cats hate water, it’s a known fact, so they’ll leave on their first spurt.

In addition, it is very easy to install this automatic sprayer. Simply connect it to a standard garden hose and turn it on. You won’t spray water until the sensor is activated, which means you won’t be wasting water.

Cats don’t like water!

My cat poops everywhere even though it was clean

Want to see cats run away?

Powerful outdoor cat repellent

Use an olfactory repellent

Cats are generally sensitive to smells. However, there are a few aromatic substances that they hate. These are the most accessible products that you definitely have in your kitchen. Put lemon or orange peel, cayenne pepper and coffee grounds in the garden. Essential oils are also very effective. Try, for example, lavender oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, and mustard oil. You can spray the drops directly onto the ground or soak a cotton ball and place it at the entry points. One sniff is enough to save you from cats.

Lemon peel can repel cats

Cat Repellent Grandma's Treat Lemon Peel

Another good idea is to grow Coleus canina in your garden. Marketed under the names Pee-off and Scaredy-cat, this plant emits a pungent scent known to repel cats and other invasive animals.

Smell that cats don't like repellent

Well, you’ve figured out how to avoid cat litter in the garden. But what are you going to do with the droppings that are already there? They probably spread an unpleasant odor that attracts cats to always defecate in the same place. Take the following steps to get rid of that bad smell fast!

My cat poops everywhere What do I do with a cat poops in the garden

cat litter removal

The only advantage of an unpleasant smell is that it will help you quickly locate the stool to pick up and dispose of. It can even be buried in the garden. You can collect it using a plastic bag, which you can then seal up and throw in the trash outside.

How cats scare the woman who cleans the garden with her daughter

Rinse the area

Once the hard stool is removed, spray the area with a hose to loosen the remaining waste. The water will help get rid of the smell, so rinse the smelly area well. Continue until the smell of stool is gone.

Rinse the garden well!

How to get rid of invasive cats with a hose in the hand of a man

Treating cat repellent novelty watering plants

clean the area

After the water area has been completely rinsed off, it’s time to clean it. To do this, put on a pair of cleaning gloves and grab a scrub brush and fill a bucket with soapy water. Use the brush to clean concrete, furniture, and other soiled surfaces. Although the problem is the smell of feces, there is likely to be urine in the area as well. These may be area markings. So brushing will eliminate all of this until the area is cat-free again.

Standard soap is usually sufficient for this step, but you can choose a detergent depending on the type of area to be cleaned.

What to do with cat litter cleaning the garden balcony

Neutralize residual odor

Is the bad smell persistent? We give you one last cleaning step that neutralizes them for good! There are outdoor deodorizing products that are specifically designed to combat pet odors (including feces, urine, and vomit). Otherwise, you can use white vinegar diluted in pure water. The correct ratio is 1:2.

White Vinegar – Natural Cleanser

Remove the odor of garden feces ground brush

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