How to remove dog hair from cloth? Tips and tricks

Even if dog owners absolutely love their little companion, we must be aware that the fact that their hair constantly spreads indoors and clings to fabrics is especially annoying. If the vacuum cleaner manages to get rid of the hairs scattered on the floor, then it is not always enough to remove them from the textiles. Fortunately, there are simple, practical, and effective tips for removing dog hair from upholstery and clothing. Discover them without delay.

How to remove dog hair from cloth?  Tips and tricks

Why do dogs shed a lot of hair?

Dogs naturally lose a certain amount of hair each day, just as we humans lose dozens of hairs every day. This phenomenon of hair loss is more significant in some dogs in the fall and spring, because their bodies shed part of their coat in preparation for winter and summer, a natural phenomenon called hair loss.

However, when a dog loses a very large amount of hair, there is reason to wonder. Illness, deficiencies, stress, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lack of care, frequent baths, hormonal disorders … The causes of significant hair loss are numerous, but all of them testify to the fact that the animal is not at the top of the list. its shape. When the problem persists and starts, it is recommended to consult your veterinarian without delay in order to find the origin of the hair loss and offer the appropriate solution.

Either way, your dog’s hair will fall out and spread all over your home. If the floor is easily cleanable, removing dog hair stuck to upholstery and clothing can be difficult, and above all painful!

To treat this effectively, it is important first of all to combat hair loss as much as possible, and then develop effective methods for removing it from fabrics.

How do you fight dog hair loss?

If your dog is losing their hair all over your house and clinging to fabrics, you can take action. In fact, there are simple and healthy solutions that will help you reduce falls.

  • Brushing: Brush your dog’s coat regularly, every day if necessary. In this way, you will remove a large amount of dead hair with the brush, which will at least prevent these hairs from reaching your tissues. In addition, brushing the teeth stimulates the animal’s blood circulation, promoting the regrowth of stronger and more resistant hair while caring for its muscles.
  • Shampoo: Once a month, you can shampoo your dog to allow his skin to breathe better. Be careful not to abuse the baths, as they can lead to hair loss if there are too many of them.
  • Healthy diet: Feed your pet a healthy, high-quality, balanced diet rich in essential fatty acids. Olive oil and rapeseed oil are full of it. This type of food helps make the dog’s coat more dense, shiny and resistant.

How to remove dog hair from cloth? Our tips and tricks

When a dog loses its hair, it spreads very quickly throughout the house and clings to the sofa, pillows, sheets, clothes, and all the furnishings. Of course, especially during moulting, vacuuming daily or very regularly eliminates a large part of it, but this device is not enough to overcome this problem that can be especially annoying.

In fact, not only is hair stuck in upholstery far from aesthetic, but it also sticks to clothing just by sitting on it or passing close to it.

The good news is that there are simple tricks to removing them from fabrics and textiles.

Tip #1: A pair of socks

Not sure what to do with your old tights? You can give them a second life thanks to its ability to generate static electricity. Rub them on fabrics covered in dog hair to remove them more easily.

Tip #2: Dishwashing gloves

If you use rubber gloves to wash the dishes, be aware that they can also help you remove your dog’s hair from fabrics. Rub onto fabric surfaces to clean, using circular motions. The bristles will form small balls that are easy to remove afterwards.

Tip #3: Wet towel

Wet the towel and rub it on the fabrics covered with hair in circular motions. Then you just have to remove the hairballs that have formed.

Fourth tip: Wet towel

Just like a towel, you can dampen the towel to remove hair from textiles in the same way.

But this supplement is also useful in prevention! In fact, you just have to moisten it a little before you pass it on your dog’s body. Hug your little buddy like this, hair-wise, once a day. He will appreciate this moment of tenderness and you will be able to collect a whole pile of hair before it spreads inside you.

Tip #5: Wet sponge

If you don’t want to use a towel or cloth to do this, you can use a sponge instead. Take a clean sponge, preferably new, and dampen it. Gently scrub the surfaces of the fabric in small circles. You will notice that your dog’s hair will come out easily.

Tip #6: Roll the tape

If you have soft tape (not heavy tape that can damage fabrics), run it over hairy fabric surfaces. These will stick to it effortlessly.

Tip #7: Duct tape

Shaped like a roller with a handle, this sticky brush is very practical for removing hair from fabrics. Run a strip of new sticky paper over the fabrics and renew once covered with hair.

Tip #8: The iron

If your dog’s hair gets stuck to your clothes, you can iron it with an iron. This makes it easy to remove later.

Tip #9: Fabric Softener

If you use fabric wipes in your dryer, know that they are also useful for removing dog hair from fabrics. Rub a cloth on upholstery or clothing and you will see that the hairs come out easily.

Tip #10: Microfiber Cloth

Dampen the multi-purpose cloth and wipe it over fabrics covered in dog hair in small circles. Your dog’s hair will stick to it and it will be easier to remove.

Tip #11: Bristle brush

There are brushes specifically designed to remove dog hair from textiles. Whether it’s self-adhesive or static, simply rub it on fabric surfaces to remove unsightly hairs stuck to it.

Tip #12: Balloon

You may have rubbed a balloon on your hair to make it stand on your head using static electricity. You can do the same with your dog’s hair stuck to fabrics. Blow up a balloon and rub it against fabric surfaces filled with dog hair. They will stick to it effortlessly.

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