I killed a neighbor’s dog that attacked a goat in Buffalo

Wednesday March 23 In the morning, rue du château d’eau, Ragnard, an 18-month-old German shepherd breaks into a nearby plot. Several times the neighbor who was shot dead.

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Nicholas Petit, who lives at Nº12 rue du château d’eau, is still struggling to get back. This Wednesday, March 23, around 9 a.m., Regnard, His 18-month-old German shepherd breaks into the plot of land next to his garden in pursuit of goats who was there. Then her neighbor went to get a gun and shot the dog …

He has been a purebred dog since his origins have been traced back over five generations. was raised”
Says his master.

This means that it appeared in the Book of French Origins, the record created in 1885 where the origins of purebred French dogs are listed.

“Wednesday morning the goats attacked again. Then the neighbor went to get her gun and shoot him.”

How did we get here? Nicholas Petty makes no secret that it wasn’t the first time his dog found himself in neighbour’s land. “Three months ago, Ragnard had already entered my neighbor’s property with a friend’s dog. The two dogs killed 30 birds and sheep there. I confessed my mistakes to my neighbor and used my insurance, which returned her 1,500 euros. I added myself a check of 250 euros to cover the deductible” is the details.

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Then the dog went back to the neighbor’s property to attack the goats, but I had time to bring it back to my house. Then, I locked him in a shelter for two and a half months to anchor the fence in my garden and prevent him from going into the neighbour’s house. But, on Wednesday morning, he managed again to pass, perhaps over the fence, and attacked the goats again. This is where the neighbor went to get her gun and shoot him. I don’t understand why you didn’t come to warn my 19 year old son who was present at my house and would have brought Ragnard back

An investigation has been launched to find out if the shooter had permits to possess a gun

So Nicholas Pettit filed a complaint on Wednesday with the Gendarmerie Brigade in Villers-Bocage. For her part, the neighbor, whom we could not reach, warned the gendarmerie of what had happened. Soldiers notably sent the dog battalion to the scene and seized the offending rifle. “The ongoing investigation should, in particular, determine whether the shooter has all the required permits to carry and use the gun, and will seek to establish the responsibilities of each.” He points to the police.

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