Inspired by a German Shepherd, he plans to run a super marathon in the desert for the shelter he saved

To thank and support the shelter from which he adopted his dog, the man will raise money by participating in one of the toughest sporting events in the world. For him, the animal changed his life and the life of his family.

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250 km of running across the desert of southern Morocco, under a heat wave for a whole week… The sand marathon It is a huge challenge for the participating athletes, and it will be so again next March. Henry Wellesley He’s been preparing for it for a while, and he’s the one to trust though Bristol Life Not to be a runner by nature, nor a fan of camping or sandblasting.

Despite this and the injuries that marred his preparations, he is determined to enter the competition, motivated by himself Zara And her story, as well as the desire to help the shelter this dog comes from, changed her life.

Mourning, then rediscover the joy of life thanks to Zara

Henry Wellesley He was deeply affected by the loss of his dog. The mourning was especially painful for him, and at that time, he had no intention of adopting someone else.

But then his love for animals prompted him to visit the shelter Animal Rescue Center in Bristol, in the southwest of England. There he met Zara, the German Shepherd who he and his family fell in love with. ” From the moment we met her we knew we had to give her a home ‘, he says about her.

The first days after adoption were tough Zara. Nervous and cautious, she spent long minutes fidgeting in the garden and shivering as soon as anyone approached her to pet her. She had destroyed 5 leashes and tried to escape several times.

Then she gradually began to relax. She realized that she could trust her new owners.

And the Zara He felt much better, and his presence was also beneficial to his new family, in particular Henry Wellesley. She encouraged him to get outside and walk daily, and made him party every time he came home. The dog was also there to defuse small disagreements.

Participate in the marathon to support the shelter

without Zara« Life will lose that simple joy it brings us when we chase it around the table or fight with it He continued. For this, his gratitude to Animal Rescue Center in Bristol unlimited. He hopes to be able to return a little of what he gave him through the shelter Zaraby collecting as many funds as possible for the benefit of the association by participating in the sand marathon.

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The goal to be achieved in fundraising Facebook and the platform just giving 600 pounds, or just over 700 euros.

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