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The Chartrons purr…that’s thanks Perrett, Mark (Co-directors) and Golan who put his hand on the claw to create a file The first cat tape to be approved in Bordeaux. If the concept of a cat bar has already been around for a few years in Bordeaux, the concept of cat adoption brings a new approach.

The first cat tape to be approved in Bordeaux

On June 21, 3 friends launched a program Ronrons des Chartrons. This tape too Tea room, vegetarian and vegan exclusive Make a salty show Monsieur Croc (Soon quiches and established soups will also permeate the menu) and sweetened with Completely homemade pastries and cakes. You can also drink Handcrafted teas and coffees Between a few foreplay and some games.

Because the privacy of the place? It is to rest on one of the sofas or armchairs next to it Rescued cats roaming freely and just waiting to find a stable home. To be able to offer cats for adoption, the Ronrons des Chartrons has Host family contract with its partner associations.

Abandoned cat kittens collected by animal protection societies

This little paradise can accommodate some Up to 7 in total same time. On the site, everything is thought out for their well-being. reach to The mezzanine is for them To keep a room isolated from clients, where they can enjoy peace and silence. Each cat is assigned by one 2 animal protection associations Local Venus and Maeva. The association is responsible, in advance, for vaccinating them and making them pass a full range of medical examinations.

Both felines are up to date with their timing and must be “social” to get along well with society. A community that develops every week based on customer preferences. At the time of writing this report, 3 cats on site. Two more will arrive this Wednesday, and 3 are already scheduled for early September.

like in grandma…

M Playground and treats (for men or cats) with an area of ​​53 square meters that can accommodate 20 clients seated. The mismatched décor, ultra-luxe and a bit outdated, reminds us of afternoons at Grandma’s house. So, to be faithful to tradition, jThe most famous social children of our childhood Available on a self-service basis. Seven family games or even naval battle will be part of the game.

The Ronrons des Chartrons
16 Quai de Bacalan, 33300 Bordeaux
09 83 53 63 66

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