The warm video of a German shepherd cuddling in the arms of his new owner stirs millions of netizens

The moment a dog living in a shelter meets his future family is always touching. However, when the animal adopts its new lifelong friends, it leads to an even more exciting spectacle. This is what Dalia, a German shepherd, and those who are now its owners tried, photographed and shared on social networks.

Clarification :

A video was posted on tik tok The animated meeting between a dog and her new lover shows tens of millions of views on the platform. The moment of life that allows it to be discovered is a pure marvel. I mentioned the story before NEWSWEEK.

Eric Liuwho calls himself incorrect on me tik tokHe went to a shelter with his partner to meet the dog they were about to adopt. The latter responds to the name Dalia She is a female German Shepherd.

The couple had a good idea to film the meeting, because the animal’s reaction and attitude towards a girlfriendEric Liu She is very beautiful.

In this sequence, we actually see the dog rushing toward the seated young lady, then leaning on her knees and resting her head on her to receive caresses. All while wagging her tail, clearly showing the joy and luxury she felt at that moment.

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My boyfriend just adopted this dog but I think the dog adopted her #GSD #germanshepherd #dog #dogs #doglover #dogmon #DisneyPlusVoices be

? original sound – Eric Liu

« My girlfriend just adopted this dog, but I think he adopted her “Can we read in the caption to the video. We can actually consider it so Dalia who chose his choice.

“Adopt a dog and live the best life”

In another video posted later, we discover the new life of a dog with its owners and their other dog, ZeusHe is also a German Shepherd.

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Reply to pagemasterbookcrate Welcome to your home Forever Dahlia! #gsd #dog #adoption #adopted #puppy #foreverhome

? Love Grows (Where Rosemary Goes) – Edison’s Beacon

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Eric Liu Speaking later, still tik tok, expressed the enthusiasm and emotion that the first video aroused, expressing his surprise. ” Honestly, I wasn’t expecting this video to get so many views In this regard, he said before calling people to imitate him: Go out, adopt a dog and live the best life ».

He also gave news about Dalia : « It’s very fine. She is about a year and a half old. She knows some commands and tricks. it’s love ».

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