This dog is learning a new language to attract more adopters (video)

Buddy is a mix of Staffordshire Bull Terrier which has been in a sanctuary in Wales for a long time now. Members of the Dogs Trust Cardiff came up with the idea of ​​teaching him Welsh, hoping to help him find a new family more easily.

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owner dog” Extraordinary ” according to Lizzie SmithShelter member. However, it does not get the attention it deserves from visitors to it Cardiff Trust DogsHe who will make Great pet ».

Then the members of the shelter came up with an original idea…

So Lizziewho also did not know Welsh, thought it would be appropriate to learn this new language in owner, hoping to attract more potential adopters. Welsh is a Celtic language spoken in Wales.

I spend a lot of time with Buddy and thought I could use our practice time to teach him some new tricks – or in this case, a new language! He is such an enthusiastic and intelligent student that I think he understood words faster than me. » my family Wales Online.

The dog already knew all the basic commands in English, and was very willing to memorize others in Welsh. Among them: sitting (Assis), lowest (He lies), over here (ici), palm (claw) and And the (Hassan). All these efforts earned him the nickname Bilingual friend.

A “cute and sensitive” dog looking for a loving family

This makes it difficult to adopt owner, may be the fact that it requires compliance with certain rules. In fact, the dog prefers to be in a quiet house intended for adults and without any other animal. He also needs reassurance, because sometimes he lacks self-confidence.

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Cardiff Trust Dogs

But the members of the sanctuary are not worried about the rest of his amalgamation: “Once he gets to know you, he loves the company of people, and if you have games or treats with you, that’s a surefire way to win him over. »

And luck finally smiled on this loving dog


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After a few months, owner crossed the road to rosyAnd he never left her again, as evidenced by this video.

It is not known if dog bilingualism affects the scales. However, Paddy is now happy with his new lover and gets the love and attention he deserves every day.

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