Two large and inseparable cats are placed in a shelter and experience this life change together while waiting for adoptees.

Angus and Milo have always lived together. When they reached the age of ten, they experienced a severe ordeal. Their sick lover could no longer support them and abandoned them. If the beginnings were complicated, they were able to support each other and regain the upper hand.

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Sarah Sylvester She is a volunteer host family for the association Nashville Cat Rescue Who works daily for needy cats in a country Tennessee to me United State.

a few months ago, Angus and others milo2 alley cats aged 10 years were commissioned. Unfortunately, their owner could no longer take care of them due to serious health problems.

Al-Qattan did not support this change in life well. They always lived in the same house, which made adjustment difficult.

“I put the boys in the guest room, put some food and water in and left them alone for the evening so they could decompress. ‘, explained Sarah to me love meow.

care and patience

during the first two weeks, Angus and others milo I remained shy and distant. They took refuge in the closet in the room and only went out to feed and use the litter box.

by observation, Sarah I realized that milo His coat was greasy, eyes dull and he drank excessively. So I took him to the vet who confirmed his concerns: He had diabetes.

Therefore, the cat receives daily treatment by injection after checking its blood sugar. “He’s so brave and feels so much better,” he added Sarah.

His new physical condition helped him thrive in his foster home. Angus Naturally he follows his friend’s enthusiasm.

“Now they like being in the room I’m in. They each hug on one side of my leg”The Good Samaritan was delighted to see them finally happy.

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It’s been 6 months since the two inseparable kittens entered their foster home. They are now very talkative and in good shape. Sarah So they want them to find adopters and leave together on new adventures.

“I have been honored to walk alongside them on their journey and look forward to meeting the person who will give them a second chance.”announced Sarah.

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