What is an alley cat?

An alley cat places its front paws on a gutter. stock.adobe.com

The expression “alley cat” does not refer to a specific breed, but rather to a cat without a pedigree.

In parallel with generally accepted cat breeds, it is not uncommon to use the term cat alley. In a general sense, this name indicates that the animal has no pedigree. Furthermore, it cannot be identified by specific physical criteria such as its coat colour, size or shape.

Alley cat: why does it bear that name?

The alley cat is a common cat, without any particular physical or behavioral distinction. That is, official organizations do not recognize him according to the criteria of belonging to a specific race. Thus we find animals of all sizes, varying in length and hair color. Certain characteristics can be retained to form new strains. For example, the Selkirk rex comes from an alley cat with a wavy coat.

Alley cats are famous for their excellent adaptability, and they live in the city or in the countryside. These are pets that may or may not have a home. So it is not necessarily a feral cat or a stray cat. And as a reminder, the latter are without attachments and are completely independent of feeding themselves. We simply do not differentiate between their origins or their relationship.

What is the character of an alley cat?

Like its physical appearance, the alley cat does not have a pre-determined personality. His behavior takes into account his living environment, experience and temperament. He considers that respect for the weaning period and the relationship with his mother and brothers and sisters play an essential role in his personality. So he can be very attached to his master, far away, his person at home, or an adventurer.

Every alley cat has its own behavior. stock.adobe.com

Regardless of whether it belongs to a breed or not, it must be remembered that each pet remains unique. If we can note some generalities in the behavior of alley cats, they do not constitute a rule. Depending on its adaptability, an animal may adopt a different reaction, even unlike that of its congeners in a similar context.

How do you take care of alley cats?

Care and precautions for alley cats are the same as for other pets. Within your home, this passes through the arrangements assigned to it. For example, having a basket or a tree for a cat without forgetting a space for her to eat and another for her to do her business.

Also plan what is necessary to brush and ensure good oral health. Without proper care, all cats are already at risk for infectious diseases. For more information, it is recommended to consult a specialist, such as a veterinarian. This is especially true of recommended vaccinations, or even advice on your cat’s diet.

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