Servals: “By creating animals, we encourage traffic”

Saint-Martin-la-Plain Zoo and the Tonga Terre d’Aquiel Association, in the Loire, are crying out against animal trafficking, especially the serval. The shelter’s vet spoke to Impact FM.

All shelters in France are currently affected by this traffic problem. In a video posted on their social networks, the Saint-Martin-la-Plaine Zoo and the Tonga Terre d’accueil association appeal to the government.

“They live in the living rooms instead of the savannah…”

Specialized in wild animal rescue shelter I just collected about ten servals, in barely six months. These are young animals, between one and two years old, victims of a new type of traffic that has taken on huge proportions. It is very difficult to contain them, because the serval is very similar to the savannah, a man-made cat.

The Serval is a small African cat, a small, long-legged, large-eared tiger found in the African savannah. It is now in the illegal possession of individuals. The problem is that the serval was used by humans to be crossed with a domestic cat and to create a new breed, the savannah. This is considered a breed of domestic cat. Delegating such races is preferable to passJean-Christophe Girard, the association’s veterinarian, regrets.

Because what happens? Malicious people keep the ships and pass them off as savannahs. But having a servant on your sofa or bed is neither his living environment nor his place. It is already against animal welfare, and therefore illegal. This kind of practice must be stopped.swearing.

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In order to help the government in the fight against this scourge, the Loire Assembly decided to use strict measures by creating a somewhat exceptional DNA bank. “We wanted to bring our stone into the building in this fight and help the actions of the authorities in the confiscation. You should know that in France, there are no genetic databases on servals to compare with other animals. With this, we will be able to distinguish “real” servals from those that are considered cats. We’re going to fund it, it’s expensive and complicated, because we have to do the genetic mapping. But we’re in the process of putting all this in place, even if we have to sample many animals and then make comparisons Jean-Christophe Girard concludes.

You should know thatServal costs between 4 and 10,000 euros on the black market.

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