A thinking cat mother adopts her newborn Sphynx who was rejected by her mother (video)

Nothing beats a mother’s love. This is what Ballerina brings to Cleopatra, a born Sphynx who was rejected by her mother. The cat took care of the kitten like her own child, and her protective behavior impressed admiration.

Clarification :

Cleopatra I was just born when you arrived Helen Woodward Animal CenterSanctuary in California. this little Sphinx She was the only cat left in the litter, apparently abandoned by her mother.

Article illustration: A thinking cat mother adopts a newborn Sphynx who was rejected by his mother (video)

Helen Woodward Animal Center / Instagram

Since then, the vulnerable kittens have been cared for and fed by the members of the shelter, but it was surely her encounter with her. ballet dancer Which will really get him back on his feet.

She just needed a mother

Quickly, short-haired alley cat with the name ballet dancer receipt. She was pregnant and gave birth to her children 3 days later. The mother did not distinguish between her newborn and Cleopatrawhich she immediately took under her wing.

I appeared”very affectionate“To her and even to breastfeed her, according to Erin SmithShelter manager. It’s a pledge to People : ” It’s as if Ballerina felt the need for Cleo and decided to not only take care of her, but also give her all the love that she lacks. “.

feline and young beansAnd the biscuit and others the rabbit She formed a happy, inseparable family, full of love. Once prepared, the cats were able to leave the shelter and return to their forever home.

adoption Cleopatra Took a little longer. Desire to ensure well-being Sphinxmembers of the shelter demanded certain conditions from potential adopters: live in the area, own or already own a cat of this breed, and submit an essay on why they would be ideal parents for Cleopatra. After this success InstagramSoon, the cat found its new family.

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