Can we talk about sex education in a dog?

Although our dogs are domesticated animals, they remain in control of their wild instincts when it comes to sex. If canine sexual activity is often a taboo, you should know that the behavior that accompanies it must be controlled and framed by the master. This is not to restrain the dog or suppress its nature, but to teach it to become a social animal capable of behaving well in the presence of its peers, humans and other animal species.

Can we talk about sex education in a dog?

Accordingly, we can, of course, talk about sex education. It is even important to act so that bad behavior does not take root, the male seeks above all to establish a relationship of dominance with his master and to test his authority. Let’s take a look at this case.

What are a dog’s sexual life cycles?

Before approaching the idea of ​​sex education for our canine friends, it is important to understand their sex cycles.

Puberty corresponds to the first sexual preparations and manifestations. In females, this occurs earlier, between the ages of 5 months and about 9 months, or even later for larger breeds. In males, it is late because it begins between the ages of 9 months and 12 months. Males of large breeds can reach puberty again at a later time.

Puberty is an important time in a dog’s life. In fact, he leaves the puppy stage to become an adult dog. As a result, its growth stops. So it is possible from this stage to castrate or sterilize your animal. The early process can have serious consequences for its development.

Female sexual cycles

Females are exposed to two heat cycles each year, usually six months apart, although this spacing can vary from one to two months. The heat cycle lasts three weeks, knowing that the fertile period extends between the ninth and thirteenth days. During this, the female loses blood at the level of the vulva and her behavior changes somewhat.

However, the female is not really active. She is not looking for males to mate. On the other hand, they are attracted by the hormones and the scents it releases. Males come to visit him, which is why it is not uncommon to see them wandering around the house during these three weeks of the cycle. In periods of heat, the female accepts contact and mating or the act of mating. However, she categorically rejects them outside of hot weather.

Apart from periods of heat, the female dog will rarely show behavior of a sexual nature. Some rub the vulva on different supports, but this phenomenon remains marginal. Be that as it may, attempts to reproduce by males are systematically rejected.

Male sexual cycles

The male does not have a heat period. Moreover, we are talking instead of a rut. On the other hand, male dogs are ready to mate at any time when they notice a female in an atmosphere of heat. In fact, males pick up on the hormonal and scent signals of the female in heat and seek to approach her in order to mate.

Apart from periods of heat, males retain behavior imbued with sexual signs. Rubbing the legs, pillows, or other types of animals, especially by simulating a bump. Some lick their genitals. Dogs seek to pet and lie on their backs, especially while playing, but it is important not to respond to them and not to provoke this type of behavior.

In fact, these sexual behaviors can be related to an attitude testing the master’s authority or a desire for social dominance. It is important to respond by suppressing them so as not to let the animal question the dominant position of its master.

The sexual freedom of the dog, of course, but it has its limits!

A dog has normal sexual needs and urges, but it is important not to allow this freedom to expand. Although many gentlemen are reluctant to intervene, in order to avoid any sense of frustration in their animals, it is nevertheless important to suppress these behaviors by setting certain limits.

Remember that your pet is not a wild dog. Living in a home environment requires establishing a code of conduct that aims to socialize it. You won’t make your dog unhappy by curbing his sexual excitement, you are naturally teaching him to live in society, as you would in the course of his learning.

You cannot allow your dog to rub the legs of your guests or passers-by or try to mate with other animals. Just as you stop him from doing something stupid, you should say “No!” or “Stop!” Shut down to stop this behavior. By doing this, you are helping your dog to socialize, and adopt the correct rules of behavior with other dogs, with humans and with other animal species, as in the course of any learning.

If you’re organizing a show, make sure you don’t stay present to watch the scene. To avoid reinforcing a dog’s sexual behavior in the presence of his family, do not position yourself as a spectator. Leave the room and let things happen naturally. You do not have to attend.

Sex Education in Dogs: Yes, It Is Possible!

In males, sexual manifestations and behaviors outside the heat periods of the female are intended to allow him to establish himself as dominant before the master and to test the authority of the latter. In fact, for wild dogs – as in many other animal species – the dominant species are those that mate with females.

So it’s totally normal for the master – and even highly recommended! Not allowing these inappropriate behaviors to express themselves without reacting. It is about educating and teaching your dog to become a social animal that lives in society, with its laws and in compliance with its instructions.

If you do not intervene, you are allowing your dog to impose itself on you and not teaching him the correct behaviors that he must adopt to live well in contact with his fellow humans and other animals. Just as you don’t let him pee on your furniture — peeing is perfectly normal — don’t let him engage in dominant and inappropriate sexual behaviors.

How do I do it? Simply by setting boundaries and sticking to them. Don’t give up and you will be able to maintain a good relationship with your little buddy.

If your dog tries to rub your legs or someone else’s legs, if he tries to pop a pillow or any other animal, tell him “No!” , “Stop!” or “Stop!” Close and push it away. Then tell him “Sit!” If he mastered this command to force him to stop and stop. However, if he insisted and insisted, he sent him back to his bloodline.

Also, avoid petting your dog for too long during these periods, especially during the heat, so that you don’t stimulate him without your knowledge. You will notice that female dogs tend to get closer to their male master during this period and males to their female mistresses. Some dogs can even grumble at the husband when the latter takes his wife in his arms, for example, a behavior that should not be allowed to settle, because here the dog seeks to establish its dominance.

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