Enlarge 5 breeds of herding dogs

Are you a dog lover and planning to adopt a sporty and durable one? Discover 5 breeds of Shepherd Dogs to adopt.


When the end of spring comes, this period is generally characterized by the absence of pastures and the movement of livestock in search of fresh grass. It is then usual to have herding dogs to re-frame and ensure their safety.

The latter are also good pets when well chosen. So, if you are considering adopting a sheepdog to keep your company, here are 5 breeds to focus on.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois: An active and intelligent dog

Courage, dexterity, intelligence and loyalty are some of the words that characterize the Belgian Malinois.

It is ‘Shepherd dog is widely used in farms, but it is also highly prized by the French police forces, for its characteristics. In the family, he is a very good companion and does not hesitate to act as soon as he feels the need to do so.

This mischievous looking dog is usually confused with the German Shepherd, but it has a finer appearance and a smaller size than the latter. However, he remains very graceful and strong, and has a muscular build.

The Belgian Malinois Shepherd is recognizable by the triangular shape of his ears which makes all his charms. He usually has short hair Height from 56 to 66 cm, for a weight of 20 to 30 kg puberty.

This sheepdog owes its name to the Belgian city (Mechelen) from which it originated. The first was discovered there at the end of the 19th century, as breeders used it to guard flocks of sheep.

This dog is a very intelligent and very devoted animal to its owner..

So he needs attention, but also effort, because he is very lively and dynamic. In fact, the Malinois’ characteristics make him an ideal dog for guarding a home or other animals. He loves sports and family games like hide and seek.

Note, however, that it is a very sensitive animal Education should be nice. When the Belgian Sheepdog uses guard dogs, he protects his territory well.

Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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Australian Shepherd, France’s favorite dog

With a spotted coat, mismatched eyes and a very active attitude, the Australian Shepherd is one of the perfect breeds for guarding herds.

Known for his intelligence, dedication and unyielding courage, he is also the favorite companion of most families. Very energetic, the Australian Shepherd is very popular in France by many families. It’s an animal that has Good physical and mental balance.

The Australian Shepherd measures 50 to 60 cm in length when fully grown and a female of the same age is 45 to 55 cm in length. With hair of medium length and slightly wavy, the Australian Shepherd’s coat can be spotted, two or three colours. The weight of this animal ranges from 20 to 35 kg.

Contrary to what its name might suggest, the Australian Shepherd comes from the United States.

Because of his highly energetic personality and intelligence, the Australian Shepherd It requires a lot of attention and stimulation. He can then get bored quickly if he doesn’t learn new exercises and doesn’t have regular fun. It is a very obedient and loyal animal, but does not hesitate to make decisions, if necessary.

Still called Aussie, he loves to protect his family members and does not accept strangers (other people or animals). He is very patient and loves the company of children very much.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog: big bear

Courage, strong temperament and unwavering loyalty, these are the words that characterize this dog that borrows its personalities from the wolf and the German shepherd.

This dog has a solid and strong physique, and is a model of the shepherd par excellence. Fast, active and balancedThis animal is very hardworking, versatile and resistant.

However, behind his majestic shepherd appearance hides a very gentle and sensitive companion. He loves the company of children and does not hesitate to indulge in various games with them.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog has a semi-long coat of yellow-gray and sometimes silver-gray. It has a symmetrical head and a small triangular ear, but it is always erect. The female is 60 to 65 cm long and weighs 20 to 25 kg, while the male weighs 23 to 29 kg for the same size.

The Czechoslovak wolfdog first appeared in the Czech Socialist Republic, currently divided into two countries, including Slovakia and the Czech Republic. This sometimes earned him the name Slovakian Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog.

He was born from a cross made between a domesticated dog (German Shepherd) and a wild animal (Carpathian wolf). The goal was to have a local, but resistant to the attacks of wolves, to keep the herds well.

Czechoslovakian wolf dog is Very affectionate towards family members, but it is very deterrent to strangers. He is very active and very protective, in addition to being an excellent hunter. He can be social with other animals in the house and very loyal to his masters.

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Corgi: a little shepherd with a strong personality

Usually confused with the apartment dog, the Corgi is actually an energy-packed sheepdog, despite its small body.

Then he has the brain of a big dog and has the same needs as a large outdoor animal. There are two types of corgi breeds, including Pembroke and cardigan. Both are similar in size (30 cm) and weigh between 9 and 12 kg depending on gender.

They have long and thick hair, but they differ in color. Pembroke has a uniform coat, sometimes red or fawn, sometimes with white spots. On the other hand, the cardigan comes in several colors, with a tail similar to that of a fox.

The origins of this shepherd have been the subject of many controversies.

While some associate the name Corgi with “Cur” which means “dog” in the Celtic language, others suggest that it is “Corgi”, derived from Welsh, which means “dwarf”. Meanwhile, the names Cardigan and Pembrokeshire are names that have been given to the agricultural areas of Wales.

But what is clear is that this dog is a shepherd used to guard herds, especially livestock.

Contrary to what one might think, the Corgi Docile dog, easy to live with and train. He is very active and very devoted to his masters. However, his intolerable personality can arise when he does not spend himself properly. So we advise you to go out with your dog, to make him do activities to feel satisfied.

herding dogs for adoption

German Shepherd: strong and obedient

Smart, athletic and braveThese are the qualifications for this dog that are very present in the Canine Brigade of France.

Previously used to guard herds, this animal now uses its abilities to:

  • rescue missions,
  • But also to help people with disabilities.

He is involved in several fields and is one of the favorite dogs in French homes. Despite his strength and all the energy that he possesses, he remains a very obedient and easy-going companion.

The German Shepherd can be recognized by its short, but rather stiff and thick hair. It has an overall black and tan color, with variations that can range from brown to light gray, through reddish brown and yellow. Their height and weight respectively range between 55 and 65 cm and 22 and 40 kg depending on the gender. It has a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, and its origins date back to the 19th century.

It comes from a cross made by Captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stefanitz, among shepherd dogs from central and southern Germany.

German Shepherds can be arrogant at times, but Still a very happy and affectionate animal. He is patient, easy to train, loves to compliment, and has a lot of fun with kids.

On the other hand, he is very deterrent in the face of strangers and does not like to invade his space.

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