Here are the best tips for properly trimming your cat’s claws

Cutting your cat’s claws can sometimes be a real challenge. We reveal your best tips for giving cats a manicure.

To cut your cat’s claws or not to cut them? How do you do that without hurting them or losing your arm? We often ask ourselves the question of the necessity of this process. Some say cats take care of their claws on their own and do not need to be trimmed, while others say yes. We evaluate and reveal our tips for achieving this important treatment without harm.

Should a cat’s claws be cut?

We should really make a difference between domestic cats and outdoor cats. An apartment cat has sharper claws than cats that go out a lot. In fact, a cat that walks outside will be able to go into trees and exercise more actively than a cat in the living room. So we will be more vigilant with the latter.

Cat’s claws grow relatively quickly. Even if your cat scratches her cat’s tree or trunk, it can still be very sharp. A cat with small, sharp claws is likely to abuse your furniture and can scratch more easily.

Finally, a cat’s claws grow more circular and risk curling on themselves if they are not clipped regularly. Small details can cause difficulties in movement for your companion. So the answer is yes!

How do you cut your cat’s claws? Our best advice

Before you take out the nail scissors, make sure the claws really need to be cut. It should not be rounded.

Lay your cat on its back on your lap in a way that keeps it closed and doesn’t hurt it. She comforted him with some hugs. Then cut the nails one by one without reaching the small dark film. It’s just a matter of clipping the ends, only a few millimeters. Rarely do you need to trim the toenails of the hind legs.

Repeat the process once or twice a month. To make things easier, it’s best to get your cat used to it from a young age and don’t forget to reward it with some treat and foreplay at the end of the treat!

Our pick of the best accessories for cutting your cat’s claws

Bet on the right equipment to cut your cat’s claws. To choose a good claw cutter, make sure it has stainless steel blades and non-slip handles for the best possible accuracy.

LED light is a very useful option that may seem like a gimmick. It allows you to see your cat’s claws more clearly so you can cut with more precision without damaging them!

Finally, a small nail file will ensure that your cat’s freshly cut claws do not get caught. This can be annoying to him and slow down his movements, but it can also damage your furniture and clothes if his claws get stuck in them.

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