This cat was born with three eyeballs, a rare deformity (video)

The sequence that reveals the third eye of this kitten for a few weeks has surprised netizens. Many questions about this deformation attack them. A vet answers most of the original guesses and puts an end to them. He also reassured the community by making it clear that cats do not suffer from this difference in any way.

Clarification :

In mid-August, a kitten owner posted on Reddit a photo of the little boy’s deformity. Since then, the kitten with 3 eyeballs has become popular due to its special characteristics.

The user has since shared a confusing video on the TikTok social network Tweet embed Which leaves no room for doubt this time about the authenticity of the photos. In fact, when his master raised the eyelid of the black and white cat, one could clearly see a deep blue eye additionally.

Internet users were surprised to ask the reason for this distortion, knowing that the rest of the garbage does not have this privacy.

In addition, they wonder if the cat suffers from it and what are the consequences for seeing the world.

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Painless but embarrassing anomaly

Society has speculated about the reasons for this discrepancy. Some people believe there is a birth defect while others have mentioned a very powerful sixth sense or even a spiritual gift.

“He’s the only one chosen.”Can we read in the comments?

However, a vet cleared up the misunderstanding by explaining that it was simply a malformation caused by an unfortunate genetic mutation (the result of a faulty genetic sequence that occurred in the cell’s DNA). He also explained that it is completely painless.

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However, that extra eyeball is sure to disturb his vision.

Therefore the zoologist advised to remove it as soon as possible in order to ensure its safety and to avoid all the inconveniences that could be associated with it, such as loss of balance, which is necessary for climbing cat cats.

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