Aggressive Army Belgian Malinois Shepherd literally changes his behavior when he meets his beloved handle

Walensten, son of Robert Abun He is a dog handler with at least 18 years of experience in the profession within the Malaysian military.

In 2019, his manager informed him that he was appointed to take charge lokithe 8-month-old Belgian Malinois that everyone was afraid of.

In fact, the dog was interacting with humans and thus did not allow himself to be approached or trained.

“I remember I hesitated when I first saw him. We looked at each other and I slowly walked towards him. But for some reason he didn’t jump on me.”clearer Walensten to me FMT.

Then the 37-year-old got to know his new companion better through play.

“That’s when he started wagging his tail and I felt better.”captured.

Since then, the duo have worked together, but also cemented their complicity.

Article illustration: An aggressive Belgian Malinois from the military literally changes his stance when he meets his beloved handler
Walensten, son of Robert Ebon / FMT

unique friendship

The master and his dog began training them to search for explosives very quickly.

For example, we first put loads inside the car. Then we’ll get Loki who was supposed to be seated when he discovered the powder.”clearer Walensten.

Since then, the duo have been practicing their skills on high-risk missions.

during their spare time, Walensten and others loki Enjoy long walks around the baseOlu Tiram HandAhor Bahru (Malaysia), playing fishing or swimming together on the beach.

And the loki Turning in the company of its owner, is not the same with visitors.

“He will not allow anyone else to touch him. If someone tries to hold the leash, he will bite him. In addition, he does not tolerate anyone approaching me.clearer Walensten.

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? See You Again (with Charlie Puth) – Wiz Khalifa

However, this beautiful friendship could soon come to an end. In fact, Walensten He plans to leave the army soon to devote more time to his family.

Unfortunately, the Malaysian government does not allow him to leave with his loyal four-legged friend.

So he searched for a new dog handler to replace him, to no avail. The community affected by their story is now campaigning for an exception to be made.

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