Here is the animal (and breed) that costs its masters the most

Adopting – or buying – a pet is a big budget. From acquiring a croquet, through vaccination and insurance costs, a cat like a dog costs more than 20,000 euros during its lifetime to its masters. This is the conclusion of that calculates the price of owning a companion.

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To do this, the online promotions site analyzed the expenses generated, although there are, by cats and dogs, associated with the 9 universes. The cost of buying or adopting, food, insurance, vaccinations (including reminders), grooming, training, toys, a litter box, or even a collar, scratchers…Expenses that can weigh on the bill, especially those for felines.

A cat’s budget is more expensive than a dog’s budget

On average, a cat costs its masters 26,675 euros, compared to 20,630 euros for a dog. An enormous difference, but one that does not discourage the inhabitants of France from welcoming one: kittens remain the most popular pet in France*.

Whether it’s a monthly budget (152 euros for 128 euros for dogs) or a yearly (1,833 for 1,553 euros for a die), a cat cud is much more expensive. Only during the first twelve months of its acquisition it requires less expenses: 2878 euros, compared to 4186 euros on the dog side.

Adopting a (purebred) cat instead of buying it is an honest choice that saves money

Although 100,000 cats and dogs are abandoned every year in France**, some purebred animal lovers want to buy rather than adopt. A decision that could, in particular, have a strong impact on their budget. The purchase of Maine Coon or Russian Blue, respectively, generates 1,091 euros and 869 euros in additional expenses during their lifetime, compared to their adoption.

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Ranking of the most expensive (and least) purebred cats during their lives

Savannah is the most expensive cat breed

Never breed from the savannah.
Never born from the savannah© iStock

If buying a cat with a LOOF pedigree necessarily entails more expenses than adopting it, there are noticeable differences, in addition, between the breeds. Thus, the Savannah will cost its owners 32,882 euros over its lifetime, compared to just 22,060 euros for the 10th-ranked British Short Hair. The fault is its very large size (up to 45 cm against 24 cm for an average domestic cat), which causes the consumption of large amounts of food.

Maine Coon and Ragdoll, the other two breeds of cats are also on the platform

Maine Coon cat.
Maine Coon cat © iStock

The Maine Coon is the second most expensive pure-bred cat, this time due to the high grooming costs associated with long hair and the purchase price of the kittens (1091€ on average). The Ragdoll succeeds in this, in particular because it is the third most expensive cat breed to buy (1,049 euros).

British Shorthar, Bengal and Siamese cats are the three most affordable purebred cats

On the contrary, the British, Bengal and Siamese cat breeds are the breeds of cats that cause the least expenditure during their lifetime: 18,634 euros, 19,894 euros and 25,959 euros, respectively.

Ranking of the average budget spent on a purebred cat during its lifetime

Average estimated budget for purchased cats

  • Savannah: 32,882 euros
  • Maine Coon: 1091 euros
  • Le Ragdoll: 1,049 euros
  • Russian Blue: 27,573 euros
  • Scottish Fold: 27,064€
  • The Sphynx: €26,911
  • Persian: 26,848 Euro
  • Siamese: 25,959 euros
  • Bengal: 19,984 euros
  • Le British Shorthair 18,634 €

* Source: FEDIAF, 2019.

** In the words of Anissa Botois, Director of Communications at Peta France, quoted by

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