Ozzy, a black cat, struggles to find a new home due to his illness

Ozzy is saved by the Good Samaritan. Despite all efforts to find his owners, he remains lonely looking for affection. Her health checks revealed an illness that frightened potential adopters, but the shelter didn’t give up.

Clarification :

An Italian cat lover has come to the aid of a cat in need. He was roaming his neighborhood in search of a little food and hugs.

For several weeks, the young woman had been providing him with food and daily attention. She said she would have adopted the 7-year-old kittens if she didn’t already have 2 furballs at home, reports in your area.

Fearing for her safety, she ended up calling the association Grimsby & District Cat Protection Who works tirelessly for cats in need.

So the volunteers moved and put Ozzy In a safe place while searching for the owners.

In fact, his very friendly and sociable demeanor indicated that he might have a family looking for him. However, the investigations were unsuccessful.

Traces of his outdoor life

Like all newcomers to the sanctuary, Ozzy He underwent a full health check. This revealed that the unfortunate tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) sometimes called “cat AIDS”.

This disease is transmitted through saliva and blood, usually during conflicts between feral cats and/or breeding cats.

Luckily, Ozzy can live normally. However, he will have to reside exclusively indoors so that he does not become infected with another germ that could be dangerous to him and so that FIV itself does not spread to its peers.

“Although he has contracted this virus, this should not prevent Ozzy from enjoying a long and full life in which he can bring joy and companionship to his new owner.”announced Andrew CarrSanctuary team leader, posted on Facebook.

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Ozzy testifies to his desire to be pampered indoors. “He is really friendly cats and loves people very much. He will have no problem settling into a new home.”clearer Andrew He who does his best to finally find loving masters.

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