In two years, this cat has become one of the fattest cats on the planet

Currently, Kefir from Maine Coon has become a social media star. This cat became very popular after its owner, Yulia Menina, began sharing her photos and videos on the Internet. In fact, this cat has a truly unusual size.

Small cat of impressive size

Russian resident Yulia Menina posted a video of her daughter and her cat kefir. The latter surprised subscribers and netizens with the size, standing on his hind legs next to two-year-old Yulia Menina. In fact, Kefir the Maine Coon is as big as a little kidAnd it hasn’t finished growing yet.

Kefir is one year and nine months old and now weighs 12.5 kilograms. It should also grow more over the next three to four years. According to Yulia, she never thought her innocent little cat would grow this big.

Seeing this giant cat, many people are afraid and think that it is a monster. However, Yulia told Pets Radar that despite his large size, the Kefir is a very affectionate and unpretentious cat. She added that when friends and acquaintances came to her house, the cat was the center of attention and was happy to be petted. However, when strangers come to his house, many initially mistake them for a dog.

In addition, she also captured certain habits of her cat. According to her, Kfir likes to sleep on it at night. Previously, this was not a problem when he was young. But due to her height and weight, Kefir prevents Yulia from sleeping. However, this does not prevent Yulia from falling in love with her huge Maine Coon.

Maine Coon: What you need to know about this cat

Maine con

This Tom is said to be from the US state of Maine, where he got his name and where he is the state’s official cat. This also The second largest domestic cat breed in the world. This cat has a personality that makes it easy to train.

Its nutritional intake (which requires some of the best cat foods) and grooming requirements may deter many from owning one. However, according to The official book of cat originsremains the favorite of the French cat since 2011.

What is the weight and size of a Maine Coon?

Maine Coons are very big cats. They can weigh between 5 and 8 kg, while the domestic short-haired cat usually weighs between 3 and 5 kg.. Male heads in Maine are larger than females, and in some cases can weigh around 13kg and be around 1.20m in length, as seen on social media. Besides kefir, there is another famous Maine Coon by the name of Samson.

What is the mood of this cat?

Unlike some other domestic cat breeds, Maine Coons are not overly dependent on their owners. This is in general sociable tom which will not bother you for your interest. They also get along well with children and other pets. This type of cat is very fun, appreciates playing, perching and cat trees.

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