Two Dachshunds can’t contain their impatience when bath time arrives (video)

While some drag their legs when it’s time to bathe, Vienna and Merida run as fast as they can take a dip in the water. Video of two dogs jumping in the bathtub goes viral.

Clarification :

Many people struggle to put their canine companion in the bathroom.

Between those who hide at the sight of the water and those who are messing around, it is difficult to make this moment pleasant. But the other owners are very lucky. It is for Alejandra 554user Youtube Living with his two Tickle aches Vienna and others Merida.

Alejandra 554 Posted on his channel Youtube video as ” German dwarf bath time » Report it animal channel. Today, it has more than 19 million views and thousands of ” I like ».

Article infographic: Two Dachshunds can't contain their impatience when bath time arrives (video)

Alejandra554 / YouTube

In the pictures you can see both sausage dogs Running around the house. They were stopped on their way by a barrier. The person taking the photo will open it and ask German dogs If they are ready to shower. Do not hesitate to answer: Vienna and others Merida Run down the stairs. They are in such a hurry that their mistress struggles to follow them!

When female dogs reach the bathroom, they immediately try to jump into the water, and it is not without difficulty for one of them. But “short legs” He ends up joining his friend in the water, with a simple push.

This is the great video:

I got used to dogs

Netizens responded with the comment and some wondered how Alejandra 554 He made bathing easy for his female dogs. replied in a comment: When I gave them their first bath, the water was on their knees. For the first baths, I gave them food in the water while praising them. Nothing motivates a dachshund more than dinner time. I will slowly raise the water level. Also, I made sure the house and the water was a bit warm. I guess that’s the cold they hate the most ».

female German dogs So they gradually got used to going into the water, always being praised and rewarded.

always in the water

Some people are concerned about the health of the back of Vienna and others Meridaas seen in the video, jumps to get into the rather high bathtub. Alejandra 554 She reassured the most anxious by writing that in normal times, she would carry her females up the stairs and put them in the water.

She adds a few years later that the family has moved and German dogsnow 9 years old, I still love baths and swimming.

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