What are the effects on children?

Do you know purring therapy, this therapeutic technique that uses the soothing sound of cat purring? A school in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Vaucluse, decided to apply this technique to children.

Authorizing an entire tribe of cats to live in the schoolyards to allow students to relax and be more attentive in class? This amazing idea is actively supported by the principal, Michelle Burton, who had the idea to apply purr therapy in her classroom.

It happens in Candide School Group, at L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Vaucluse. over here, luxury and serenity are keywords thanks to the companionship of cats. Respectful life rules, classes of only fifteen students, unparalleled education that gives opportunity to children who are different, slower, gifted, dyslexic or simply having difficulty in a traditional school.

How was the school born on the basis of purring therapy?

When Michelle Burton was at National Education, she attended a dyslexia training day. He was taught to write on the board heavily and put it on top, because noise was a problem for them. She didn’t know much about it, but it made her want it Make his own school with his own methods. She had this idea in mind for seven years. I imagined Fifteen students per class at most, and of course Chats. In patriotic education, he always missed her. Regarding choosing the name of this school, Michelle Burton explains:

One day I was correcting Candide’s transcripts by Voltaire, and while talking to my father he said, “This is the name you have been looking for for your school!” I found the idea fascinating, as it summoned pupils who arrived with their poignant gullibility and left us as cultured as Voltaire.

Purring therapy: advantages of this school?

Many children go to school in reverse. At Candide School, they come running, They will find the cats they loveAnd the teachers they know… not formatted. As is school without contractThe presence of animals is not a problem.

Matilda, a fifth grade student, says:

I forget the noise around me thanks to the cat’s purr˖ When you’re at my desk, I focus.

As for Maxim (CE2), it explains:

If I don’t understand exercise, the cat reassures me. I feel less lonely and less panicked.

Today, Candide is:

  • 80 students from CP to 3e
  • 10 chats
  • 7 graduate teachers, loving animals and deeply humane, students use to talk to them, because it puts less distance, and in no way prevents respect.

Teachers do not give no homeworkThus, children and parents enjoy their family evenings. Students do not take notesBecause it is a waste of time, according to the director. Over the years of teaching, I’ve come to realize that students don’t really listen while taking notes. The course takes 45 minutes. They have a very good guide, so no need to take notes. The teacher tells the students and discusses them, so they remember well because they talked about it, they were active. After class, hmm An hour and a half of homework in the presence of the teacher and the cats who wander.

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Relax students with purring therapy

All cat owners know it well: the purring of our four-legged friends A relaxing and soothing force on our mood. Then we immediately understand the advantages that purring represents for a class of pupils who may be annoyed, stressed by the school environment, annoyed with the workload or even suffering from school phobia.

the cat Healer in his own wayHe teaches the child to have self-confidence and can calm his anger thanks to his purring and Olympic calmness. On anxious children, the effects of purring were amazing! The cat brings security, because it is soft and comfortable and it is just love.

Therefore, in this school founded in 2013 in the town of L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, as well as 80 students, teachers and supervisors, there are … dozens of cats! Free to live their lives as they see fit, we see the adorable cats hopping from class to class, sleeping in the corridors, and rolling over student tables to ask for a hug or a treat. And the best part is that it works!

Raising children in their relationship with cats

If Michelle Burton is proud of her project, she doesn’t want schools to take cats because they attract children. Actually, this is Impossible with thirty students in a classHalf of them spend their time pulling their tails. In this Age, The child needs education And the Candide group teaches them, because they have the physical and human means to do so. This is why purr therapy works. If kids hurt a cat, that’s a reasonimmediate disqualification.

This school has successfully cured purring because the framework is very well established, Important requirements and unique methods. When a new student enters school, they are asked If he is allergic to cats and if he wants to remove the allergy.

Then we explain the rules to the child and start with the unpleasant things. When children ask if they can be petted, they are answered:

You can pet her as much as you want but don’t hold her, because These are not gamesbut sentient beings full of emotions, they have a conscience and will bring you a lot of love.

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Purring therapy, an effective technique

Far from being scattered by the presence of cats in their classroom, the students really reveal themselves more attentive What their teachers say, one hand holding the pen and the other holding a cat that makes a magical purr during the lesson.

Is purr therapy new? Not right. The beneficial effects of cats on humans have already been Studied since the 1950s in the United StatesBut the general public only recently discovered this theory, thanks to the publication in 2009 of a book by health journalist Veronique Aisha called … purring treatment.

Véronique Aïcha identifies in her book that purring is a powerful anti-stress, capable of regulating blood pressure, to give a boost to our immune defenses and is a reality. psychological support. Physiotherapists in France even used the vibrations emitted by happy cats Strengthen bone healing.

Purring, good for the cat, good for us

Because if a cat purrs when it’s happy and relaxed, it also uses this vocal appearance Calm down when you are going through a difficult situation. Thus, it is not uncommon to hear a cat while on the vet’s examination table. If purring calms them, there is no reason why the same effects cannot be had on our organisms.

purring, which emits low frequencies (about 20 and 50 Hz), It works positively on a brain circuit associated with arousing feelings of fear. Likewise, hearing purring leads us to that serotonin production, as researchers call it… the happiness hormone! This hormone, for example, affects our mood but also the quality of our sleep.

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