24 Macic was donated to the 30 Million Friends Foundation

Animal protection societies continue to reiterate the importance of spaying felines, female or male. Cats can actually give birth up to twice a year from 4 to 6 babies to an average litter. This couple let themselves be overwhelmed by the situation and didn’t have at least 28 cats in their apartment. Fortunately, they asked for help.

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The 30 Million Friends Foundation It was requested by individuals who no longer know how to manage the situation in which they found themselves.

After welcoming their 30 square meter cats that had not been spayed, they reproduced at high speed.

Then the man and woman saw the number of samples doubled without being able to adopt them.

They finally decided to contact 30 Million Friends Foundation to help them. So the agents moved to the house it was in Seine Saint-Denis It found that 28 kittens, mostly kittens, occupied the entire building.

“Cats are sociable, curious, gentle and welcoming. Even if the smell of cat urine in the housing is very annoying, the apartment remains clean as a whole »the investigator reported.

Article illustration: Masters drowned after their cats not spayed: 24 feline donated to the 30 Million Friends Foundation
30 Million Friends Foundation

Animals entrusted with a shelter

Fortunately, all of these little guys are doing a great job. 28 microns were donated to the foundation and then delivered to the partner shelter of St Heliers in Sen et Marn.

3 females are pregnant and will give birth very soon. However, the volunteers have already had their work cut out because a large number of cats have to be bottle-fed every 4 hours.

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“All good food. Some even get a little overweight. They’re very scared at the moment, but that’s normal given the transition and their arrival. For now, they are quietly observing their new environment.clearer Anne Bogionne, Center Manager.

The adults were sterilized and identified so they could be quickly introduced for adoption.

4 cats were returned to their owners who pledged never to be invaded like this again.

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