Dogs and cats for adoption with Eure SPA

Every week, the residents of the shelter discover the Ebroïcienne Association for the Protection of Animals. They introduce themselves trying to find a new family.

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Diageo, the love ball

Hello friends. I’m Diego. With my black coat and white socks, am I not the prettiest? I was born in 2019. I’m a big body, but real generous on the inside.

On a walk, I’m never far from my volunteers, and if I walk around a bit to find out, I always take a look to make sure I’m not alone and that I haven’t given up. Yes: I found a stray. It’s unclear whether I’ve been abandoned or lost my way, but the result is the same: I love the company.

If you love small dogs that don’t fit in your pocket, I’m for you. Come and meet me to get to know me better and maybe live the most beautiful adventure together. »

Paloma, mom at heart

“Welcome, Behind Your Screens! My nickname is Paloma. I am 1 year old. Found me walking around and, given the condition of my breasts, I should have given birth to several children before I reached the shelter. I am a beautiful dog that is very close to humans and amazingly gentle.”

I suffer from loneliness and often prefer to be with the people I love: a true mother at heart. So I need a family that understands me and will know how to love me as I want, that is, unconditionally. High fences will be necessary because if I feel lonely, I may be inclined to seek company and deal with heels. If you love me and want to give me everything I need, I’m waiting for you to be one. »

grapes ripe fruit

“I am a very cute Raisin, born in May 2022. I am very young and developing in the shelter. But I need a family as soon as possible so that I can immerse myself in the life of real cats. If you want to expand your home with the cutest kittens, come and help me start my life as a cat In the most beautiful families. »

Chibi, Miss Hug

“Okay hello! They call me Chipie, which is no coincidence. But luckily I’ve made tremendous progress since arriving at the shelter. I am now a calm, gentle cat and close to my feline friends who love to play. Well, I admit, I still have a side A bit sinister, because I’m a fan of hiding places and igloo sleep, and a gentle and warm hug.

I often ask to be held in my arms so I can turn around, cuddle, purr, and end up falling asleep. Plus, if I could have just a few kisses, this is heaven! So, if you are a family member who wants to pamper a mountaineer and already have friends in their house, come and meet me quickly! »

Two hundred dogs and cats are waiting for a professional master of the Evro Animal Protection Society. It can be approved for an amount that covers veterinary costs. A cut, neutered and neutered dog: 190 euros; Chopped, vaccinated, and sterilized female bitch: 260€; a neutered, neutered and neutered cat: 110 euros; A cat sterilized, vaccinated and cut: 160 euros. Arrangements are possible if older cats and dogs are adopted. Bring your identity card and proof of last address.

Refuge de la Censurière: 17, rue de Huest, in Évreux. Open Tuesday through Saturday 2pm-4:30pm Tel. 02 32 39 07 17.

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