Emotional encounter between a woman and her German shepherd spreads on TikTok (video)

When our four-legged friends leave our shelters, they sometimes take the time to trust us. This was not the case with the German Shepherd, who immediately crushed his new lover. The touching scene went viral on TikTok.

Clarification :

Eric Liu And his girlfriend are proud owners German shepherd the name of the thing Zeus. They recently wanted to adopt another dog of the same breed, so they went to a shelter. They lived there an unforgettable moment,Eric Immortal in a video, says the newspaper NEWSWEEK.

Love at first sight

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My boyfriend just adopted this dog but I think the dog adopted her #GSD #germanshepherd #dog #dogs #doglover #dogmon #DisneyPlusVoices be

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« My girlfriend just adopted a dog, but I think the dog adopted her »: Eric Liu The confrontation between his girlfriend and their new dog could not be summed up better. During this precious moment, it was German shepherd He immediately snuggled into the arms of his new lover. A lot of love stems from this scene, as it was obviously going to elicit many reactions on social networks…

« We don’t choose our dogs, they choose us “,” What a great time! We can read between the comments on the video tik tok. It was viewed 57 million times, and was so successful that netizens wanted to know what happened next…

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Reply to pagemasterbookcrate Welcome to your home Forever Dahlia! #gsd #dog #adoption #adopted #puppy #foreverhome

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So Eric He continues to narrate the adventures Dalia and others Zeus on his account tik tokAnd the Tweet embed. The dog is now very happy in her new home, and the arrival of a small puppy of the same breed, useMay her days be filled with happiness. In all cases, Eric I hope this story inspires others to adopt other dogs waiting for a loving home.

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