This stray cat was rescued by a good Samaritan at just the right time since her kittens were born abroad

This mother and her supposed sister are seen looking for shelter and food. Fortunately for them 2, they found what they wanted and much more thanks to the volunteers of the investing associations: a warm home.

Clarification :

A resident of the municipality is located near Vancouver au Canada She discovers two cats in her garden looking for a quality of life they never had. The two chicks looked like two drops of water. Their black short-haired coat gave them the appearance of a wild leopard.

However, they were quite social and traveled to the Good Samaritan for a few hugs.

The man, who noticed that they both had very round stomachs, called the Association Vancouver Orphan Cat Rescue Associationwho immediately came to pick up the needy felines.

A warm nest for the birth of babies

The two sisters have been separated for some time, but will meet again to be adopted together once their offspring are old enough to stand on their own two feet.

One of them was given to peethe host family of the organization.

“At first she was hiding when I entered the room I made for her, but in the end she was purring very quickly when I gave her my attention.”clearer pee to me love meow.

And just 3 days after her arrival, the young lady gave birth to 6 adorable, healthy kittens.

According to her actors, she was immediately a very good mother. I just left the basket to feed and used the litter box.

Children have grown and thrived in this comfortable environment. They have literally fallen in love with their surrogate father and love sleeping on his lap. Each will be proposed for adoption within a month.

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The young mother will be sterilized and identified before finding her sister and leaving for new adventures. They will never have to forage for food to survive again and will benefit from the affection of loving gentlemen.

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